How To Reapply Sunscreen Without Effing Up Your Makeup

We'd be willing to bet that most of you beauties slather on the recommended amount of facial sunscreen — that's half a teaspoon — every morning. You make us proud. That said, how many of you remember to keep applying it several times throughout the day?


We get it. Smearing a layer of sunscreen on top of your painstakingly applied foundation can seem as appealing as plucking your nose hairs. But it's important (like, really, really important) to make sure you stay protected by reapplying regularly.

We turned to L'Oréal Paris celebrity makeup artist Sir John (the man behind Beyoncé's beauty looks) and board-certified dermatologists Dr. Jessica Weiser and Dr. Sejal Shah for foolproof methods that won't massacre your maquillage.

Read on for their expert techniques so that you never have to sacrifice sun protection or flawless makeup again.