Curvy Girls: Stop Passing Up This Trend

There are so many indications that the fashion world is evolving. It couldn't be more apparent than in the increasing availability of clothing above a size 14. While most stores still feel the need to segregate their plus-size selections, at least they're not brimming with the shapeless, black-garbage-bag-like sacks that filled racks only a short time ago. No, now you can find nearly as many bright colors, bold prints, and of-the-moment designs as occupy those front-of-store sections. And, the crop top is one of the first pieces we've been eyeing.
Before you start exclaiming that you "can’t" wear a crop top, believe us when we say that there’s a flattering style for every occasion and body type. From matchy-matchy sets that will make you want to sashay through your creative office to a nostalgic Golden Girls number that's perfect for a trip to the Brooklyn Flea, we’ve pulled together a list of the hottest crops we can’t wait to call our own. In fact, we might already have a bumper crop of 'em. Get with the times and pick your own.