Couch Binge-Watches Will Never Be The Same Again

We work hard for our money. But sometimes we take it a little too far, like when the week's so long we look in the mirror and our nerves are basically a bunch of shredded wires. Maybe you've been there? That's when a bit of treat yo'self action is mandatory. By that, we mean stay in on our couch and eat all the snacks, drink all the cocktails, and watch all the Netflix. All of it.

The right cozy essentials can take it from basic to basically brilliant. Think: slippers, a chic home fragrance, and margarita-flavored caramel corn. All just for you, if you want. You're about to feel so refreshed you won't even need a weekend, which is almost unthinkable.

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When you and your roommate are on different seasons of OITNB and it's creating real tension, these bejeweled headphones will restore peace — and eliminate spoilers.
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Your cup of chamomile needs a dreamy work of art to rest on.
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Get that cozy, woodsy scent on demand with a candle that embodies Jack Keroauc driving through Big Sur.
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Cold toes are not an option for couch snuggling.
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Give your evening a little bit of an old-school movie-night feel, and pair your popcorn with Zevia black-cherry soda — completing the perfect cinema snack combo (sorry, Sno-Caps fans). Pro tip: Keep it sugar- and caffeine-free so you can actually get to sleep when the credits roll.
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The new bohemian includes metallic. Bring in sweet vibes with this sleek Tom Dixon reed diffuser.
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In case of a tear-jerker, it's best to be ready.
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Who cares that this week was the worst ever? Your feet are now propped up on a sheepskin stool. #Queen
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Even when it's hot as blazes outside, we still want to cuddle up with a fleece blanket. That's what air conditioners are for.
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Party of one right over here with these graphic throw pillows.
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A bright tray makes for transporting all your snacks from the kitchen to living room a total cinch.
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A night in of luxury absolutely calls for powder blue velvet.
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Bathroom breaks are an avoidable reality. Don't break comfort with these shiny slip-ons.
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Can't stop, won't stop. It's best to buy two or three bags at once.
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Even if you're just eating toast, it can be next-level with this strawberry rhubarb spread.