14 Decorating Cheap Thrills Your Wallet Will Love

Photo: Courtesy of One Kings Lane.
In search of a few effortless, inexpensive ways to quickly switch up your style? We asked top designers for their go-to decorating "cheap thrills" and received a surprising array of ideas to spice things up. Scroll through for some ridiculously easy (and brilliant) tips that are sure to liven up your home.

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Photo: Courtesy of One Kings Lane.
"Always, always have fresh flowers. A grouping of small topiaries or orchids on a tray is also a novel way to refresh a room." — Emma Jane Pilkington

“Dawn Pink Light Bulbs! I absolutely always use them in my home. It’s just a really pale-pink light bulb that casts a beautiful, warm glow.” — Brenda Houston

Throws.” — Alexa Hampton

“Lampshades made of pleated, printed Indian cottons.” — Carolina Irving
"High-gloss paint on the ceiling to make it look higher." — Kelly Wearstler

“Patterned paper napkins as last-minute, throwaway powder-room hand towels.” — Mary McDonald

Painting; it’s a lot of look for little money.” — Nathan Turner

An industrial convex mirror over a sofa.” — Vicente Wolf

“Items from nature: rocks, geodes, fossils, etc.” — Sasha Adler and Lauren Gold
Photo: Courtesy of One Kings Lane.
"A grouping of ceramic vases." — Jeffrey Alan Marks

"Taking everything out of a room and rearranging it completely.” — Bunny Williams

“If the pillows made for your sofa look better on your bed, switch them.” — Kenneth Brown

Shopping thrift stores in random towns. Discovering that one fun piece in a land of junk is thrilling.” — Ruthie Sommers

"My children’s framed artwork." — Kelly Wearstler

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