How To Get A Natural Glow On Your Wedding Day

You spent two months trying to nail down a venue that feels like home, and another three searching for a dress that just felt like you. So, why would you cake on tons of makeup, exuberant-ninth-grader-going-to-a-dance-style?
If the natural look is calling your name, we're with you. So, to learn how to get that soft, photo-ready look that brides actually want, we asked makeup artist Romy Soleimani for help. She’s renowned for producing gorgeous, glowing skin, and has done makeup for everyone from Vogue to Vanity Fair, so she knows her stuff. Here, she shares her advice for brides-to-be, along with favorite wedding looks.
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Photo: Courtesy of Stone Fox Bride.
Stone Fox Bride: How do you make sure your make up feels true to who you are at your wedding?
Romy Soleimani: “The bottom line is that you should look like yourself. If you always wear a red lip, then by all means, do a red lip, but use a lip-stain instead of a lipstick. With all the drinking, eating, and dancing, you don’t want to have to worry about reapplying all the time. If you always wear black eyeliner, do a liquid eyeliner, and make sure it’s waterproof. You’ll probably tear up at least a few times.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Stone Fox Bride.
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Photo: Courtesy of Stone Fox Bride.
What about skin care in the days and weeks leading up to the wedding?
“Don’t experiment with something new. Do not get a peel. Girls are very enticed by products that’ll peel your face off, but not before your wedding. Instead, keep everything balanced and calm. I wouldn’t go on a crazy juice cleanse, or do anything crash diet-y that could deprive you of vital nutrients. Take fish oil capsules and eat healthy (think avocados, salmon, grains). Everyone should be doing this stuff anyways, but it’s even more important before your wedding.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Stone Fox Bride.
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Photo: Courtesy of Stone Fox Bride.
When it comes to bridal make up, what’s your tactic?
“The most important thing is to be radiant and have beautiful skin. I prefer a softness, a bride that looks natural and romantic. I want the face to look like a watercolor. No hard lines, nothing super strong.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Stone Fox Bride.
What about blush? Is it okay to use a powder blush?
“I much prefer a cream brush to powder, and I always use Kevyn Aucoin. It’s less greasy and looks fresher than a powder. On a bride with darker skin, a deep berry or an orange looks incredible. You want to adjust the tonality of the colors based on skin tone, while keeping it as natural-looking as possible.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Stone Fox Bride.
What’s a common mistake you see brides making?
“I don’t like to use a heavy powder foundation, and I think people gravitate toward that because they think it’ll help their skin look good in photos, but it’s actually the opposite. Your skin will look caked. Instead, use a tinted moisturizer and dab a heavy concealer on specific spots that need more coverage."
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Photo: Courtesy of Stone Fox Bride.
Is there ever a time when you’d want to do something a bit more wild than neutral colors and cream blushes?
“One of my friends got married in upstate New York, and I did simple lashes and cream blush, but added a bit of sparkle to her eye, since she's worn that look before. The whole wedding had a '60s vibe, so the sparkle looked really pretty, not cheesy or weird. You can draw from the feel of the wedding, but you definitely don’t want the bride to look theme-y — avoid that at all costs.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Stone Fox Bride.
What should a bride do to prepare before the wedding?
“You definitely want to do a makeup test before the wedding. That way, you’re on the same page and you can just relax and let the makeup artist do his or her thing on the day of the wedding. Bring inspiration images of what you’d like to look like: It can be from a fashion shoot, an old photograph, basically anything. I always tell women to look at fragrance ads, because you’ll often see a really nice, soft look.”