40+ Gifts That'll Make Shopping For Guys A Whole Lot Easier

We're pretty confident when we say that the things in the many, many gift guides we're publishing this year aren't just for women. We know plenty of people who'd get a kick out of an iPhone photography kit, a leather passport cover — hell, even this eyeball massager — regardless of their gender. But for every extremely feminine bra set, pair of delicate earrings, and mascara we've put into a gift guide, this slideshow should give you ideas for those on your shopping list who prefer things on the other end of the spectrum.

And trust us when we say there’s something for everyone. We’ve got presents for your uncle, your brother, your father, and your half-cousin twice-removed in here — and, lest we not forget, your S.O., your work bro, wingman, and best friend, who has an uncanny ability to pick the best spot for dinner. And what's more, we're catering to those whose style is influenced by their respective coasts, meaning we didn't forget you surfers out there, too.

Click through to see what we’ve got on our lists, from a hangover kit all the way to a cashmere you'll want to wear to sleep.

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