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3 Houseplant Hacks To Get Your Apartment Ready For Spring

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Some of us don't exactly have sterling track records when it comes to keeping houseplants alive (RIP, West Elm ceramic turtle planter). But R29 producer and home organizer extraordinaire, Bea Copeland, is breaking down her three simplest hacks for cultivating your indoor gardening game, just in time for spring. And if you've been searching for an easy DIY project to celebrate the approaching summer season, these decorative ideas produce truly Pinterest-worthy results (see the lightbulb terrariums we're planning to string up everywhere). Another option we'd never considered? Turning those empty picture frames we've got lying around into hanging planters, filled with low-maintenance shrubs and succulents to optimize our chances of...not killing them. Watch the video above for all of Bea's gorgeous greenery tips. Is it just us, or is it already feeling like summer?

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How To Build Indoor Terrarium Potted Plants VideoReleased on April 13, 2017