Have Curly Hair? Try One Of These Three Cool Styles

Most people with hair long enough to pull back — whether curly, straight, or somewhere in-between — often flip-flop between two styles: one up, one down. We've got so much on our plates (jobs! friends! gym! dates!), we don't really have the time to experiment. It makes sense to stick with what you know works, whether you're doing your usual blowdry or throwing day-three hair into a casual twist. But, come on, you have to admit that's no fun.

We're feeling a little restless here, so in the spirit of spicing and switching things up, we enlisted John Frieda International creative consultant and styling-tool master Harry Josh (who's also the man behind Gisele's beachy waves) to help us weave some excitement into our hair routines.

First, we're focusing on you, curly-haired girls (we'll be rolling out more Josh magic for other hair types over the next few weeks), with three super-cool styles that will add new life to your lewk. And don't worry, these won't require hours in front of the mirror — each 'do takes three steps or less.

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Photographed by BriAnne Wills.
Au Naturel
As a curly girl, your hair is gorgeous as it is, and you probably just let it do its thing most of the time (with a little help from an oil or frizz serum now and then). We don't blame you, but... there’s a slew of other cool looks you can work with when you have coils.

On a 1-to-10 scale of curly hair, according to Josh, this model is a 10 (and a 7 or 8 on the frizz scale). Her hair is as curly as it can get before you cross into textured territory. But the looks ahead are meant for curly hair no matter where it falls on said spectrum. If you have looser curls, you'll simply need to use products like mousse or texturizing spray to keep things in place. If you have texture like this model, a style will often stay on its own.

Each look starts the same: To begin, apply a serum (like John Frieda Frizz-Ease) to wet hair and let your curls air-dry. If you are working with second- or third-day hair, you probably don’t need any product to start with, unless you have a little too much frizz. "If you feel like you’ve woken up and it’s a bit frizzy, spray your hair down with a water bottle. You don’t have to do the whole thing — just the top layer — and then apply the serum," says Josh.

Adam Selman jacket

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Photographed by BriAnne Wills.
Day 1: The Waterfall
Updos can often veer too far into dowdy territory for our taste (oh hey, French twist), but this look has a whimsical element that makes it feel more fun than Frau. So make like Marge Simpson's stylish protégée and go for hair with extra height.

Bonus Pro Tip: If you have curls like these, Josh says to avoid shampooing them more than once every 10 days (yep, 10!). "This kind of hair doesn’t get oily," he says. "You can wet it and condition as you feel needed, but this hair is typically dehydrated and frizzy and does not need to have lather in it."

Sandy Liang jacket.
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This look works especially well if you have face-framing layers. You'll want to leave out a third of your hair in the front (including those layers), and tie the remaining two-thirds into a ponytail. "[The ratio] is going to be a little different for everybody," says Josh. "But [the key is] to get your front to look good first. Figure out how much you want to leave, and work from there."

Remember: You'll be pulling the front forward to create faux fringe. When tying back the ponytail, you don't need to worry about smoothing out any bumps. "It's very important to keep the texture, so do not use a brush," says Josh. "We are embracing the curls here, not hiding [them]."
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Flip over your ponytail toward the front of your hair, and arrange with your fingers until it blends with the front section. Secure in place with pins. Push the curls in the front forward, and pin them so they lay like fringe on your forehead.
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This look would work just as well at a music festival, paired with hoop earrings and jean cutoffs, as it would with a Reformation dress at a wedding. Don’t you think?
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Day 2: The Faux Bob
Bobs and lobs have held a steady popularity for the past couple years — and will never really go out of style, anyway. But now, we've got some good news for those who prefer to steer clear of cutting shears: You don't have to go through a big chop (we know you're attached to your hair) to have fun with a short look. Here, Josh teaches you how to fake it.

Calvin Klein Eyelash Knit Short Sleeve Top, $89.50.
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Secure a ponytail with an elastic at the nape of your neck.

Note: If your hair’s less curly, you'll want to apply mousse first to make sure it stays in place.
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Slide the hair tie down to almost the end of your curls, making a teeny-tiny loose pony.
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Tuck the little ponytail underneath the hair so you can't see it, and roll your hair up toward your neck until it gets to a bob length. Secure in place with multiple pins.
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This look is equal parts adorable and sophisticated, and will work for any type of occasion — from casual to corporate. Just be prepared to rack up some major compliments on your new style (and those cheekbones!) when you walk out the door. Your secret is safe with us.
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Photographed by BriAnne Wills
Day 3: Flowing Waves
Girls with major curls may not think their hair can go down on the curl scale, but with the right tools anyone can have waves whether they start out straight or ultra-curly. By taking your tight coils and "redefining" them with a curling iron, you can get those softer waves, too. "Do this if you want your hair to have a smoother curl pattern for a few days," says Josh.

M.Patmos top.
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You'll need a half-inch iron for this look, which is a bit smaller than your average tool. Start with dry (preferably a couple days' dirty) hair, and take one-inch square sections. Wrap each section around the iron, away from the face. "Square inch by square inch is a good rule of thumb for anyone using a curling iron," says Josh. "Consistency is key, because if you have one section that is thick and one section that is not, the curl does end up looking a little different."
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Re-curling your whole head of hair seems like a lot, we know, but the good news is, this look will last almost a week and you won't have to do a thing. "The whole point is putting the effort into [waving] it all at once, properly," says Josh. "This will [also] make the hair a lot less tangled than her natural curls might be. She can run her fingers through these curls." And you should be able to do that, too — just use a bit of serum when you're done with the iron to separate the curls.

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Josh calls these "Choose Your Own Adventure" curls because with just one styling session, you'll get a variety of different looks that get better and better as time goes by. "She’ll sleep on it and it will look different; she’ll sleep on it again, and it will look different again," explains Josh. "You’ll have four to five days of different textures every day by organically living in it."
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Added Bonus: If you're dying for Lion Babe's otherworldly waves like we are, or just want to up the volume on your newly defined curls, all it takes is a little zhuzhing. Simply pull and stretch your locks like so...
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Photographed by BriAnne Wills
...and voilà! A gorgeous lioness mane that rivals that of the babe herself.
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