Halloween Costumes For Every Hair Type

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Already planning your Halloween costume? Yeah, us too. This year, you could whip up something in with clothes and makeup you already have lying around the house. But, it’s the hair that makes or breaks a look. Because, you need the long, blonde locks to be Cher from Clueless, right? And, Miley just isn’t Miley without her now-signature platinum chop.
A wig is kind of a waste of money, considering you’ll wear it once on October 31, only to find it years later with tangles galore. It’s also unlikely that you’re going to cut off most of your mane, bleach it, or shave the sides for one night. The obvious solution if you're short on time and money? Choose your costume based on the strands you already have, whether they're red and curly or long and black.
Click through the slideshow to find some Halloween inspiration for your hair type. And, fret not: Everyone knows how annoying it is to have to spend an entire party explaining what their costume is. So, the ones that made this list are instantly recognizable. Prepare to feel smug about everyone else sweating under their itchy wigs while you’re whipping your own hair back and forth.
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Photo: Courtesy of Touchstone Pictures.
Short, Dark Hair: Max Fischer From Rushmore
If you have short hair, the list of iconic men you could go as is endless, from Elvis to David Bowie to Prince. But, as fun as it is to dress up as a sexy man, it's much more amusing to channel a dorky teenage boy. There was a wave of bespectacled-Boy Scout costumes after Moonrise Kingdom came out in 2012 and everyone went as Sam, but how about a throwback to Wes Anderson's original lovestruck nerd in Rushmore? Jason Schwartzman as Max Fischer is a national treasure. And, you'll get to recite gems such as, "I saved Latin. What did you ever do?" and "Oh, my god! I wrote a hit play!"
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You'll need a navy-blue blazer (ideally with two small pins on the lapel and the Rushmore badge); a button-up; a striped, red-and-blue tie; khakis; thick-frame glasses; and a red beret, if you have one (but don't sweat it if you don't). Style your hair by combing it over from a deep side part and leaving out some scraggly, side-swept fringe. Finally, give yourself some caterpillar eyebrows, and don't forget to draw the trademark Schwartzman mole on your cheek. Maybe, you'll get lucky and Bill Murray will crash your Halloween party, giving you an Instagram pic for the ages.
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Short, Blonde Hair: Twiggy
There's a treasure trove of iconic, blonde pixies to choose from, whether you want to go with a classic screen siren like Mia Farrow (grab a nightgown, a fake baby, and a fake knife — and you're all set!) or something more current, like Miley’s edgy cut and red lips. But, one of the easiest and most well-known looks is the '60s mod babe. Whether you're going as Twiggy or Edie Sedgwick, you'll need some serious black eyeliner, giant dangling earrings, a striped dress in a mod shape (think straight and very short), and black tights.
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To get Twiggy's mod eye makeup, take a matte, black eyeliner (gel liner and a small, stiff brush work best), apply it to your upper lashline and crease, and finish off by dotting a row of "twigs" along your bottom lashline. Twiggy admitted to using not one, but three sets of falsies, so don't forget to get some of those, too. Finally, fix your hair in a deep side part, and slick it down with water and a strong pomade.
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Medium, Blonde Hair: Margot Tenenbaum From The Royal Tenenbaums
If you have a bob (of any color), a flapper costume is kind of a no-brainer. Or, show off your literary chops and play Daisy Buchanan for a day. But, there are plenty of other bobbed beauties to choose from, too. How about the classic MPDG Margot Tenenbaum from Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums? (Yes, you’re noticing a pattern.) You probably already have a polo shirt and black eyeliner — and the best part is, you’ll be warm all night.
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You’ll need a blonde bob, a red barrette, copious amounts of black eyeliner, a striped shirt (polo is best), and pink gloves with one finger missing. If you want to get really creative, you could recreate the wooden finger with some Sculpey or brown paint. For the liner, use pencil or gel (rather than liquid), because you need to be able to smudge it and apply it to your waterline.

Uniqlo top.
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Medium, Dark Hair: Audrey Horne From Twin Peaks
As for those of you with brunette bobs, there's no better time to channel Audrey Horne, given Twin Peaks' recently announced revival. And, it's not too hard to copy her stylish, iconic look with thrift-store finds.
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Audrey wears some pretty eye-catching outfits — most memorably, the sultry, black dress in the cherry-eating scene — but your best bet for instant recognition (and warmth) would be her snug sweater and plaid skirt ensemble — black-and-white saddle shoes optional, but preferred. To recreate her striking beauty look, exaggerate your arches with brow gel and concealer. Emphasize your eyes with liquid liner, and dot a small beauty mark next to your left eye.

For the hair, create a deep side part and add large, loose waves with a thick-barreled curling iron. Lastly, apply a few coats of your favorite glossy, red lipstick and find a dapper guy in a suit to be your Agent Cooper. If anyone dares to ask who you are, tell them, "I'm Audrey Horne, and I get what I want."
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Medium, Dark Hair: Olivia Pope From Scandal
Scandal's Olivia Pope will be your most enjoyable Halloween costume yet. Two reasons: a warm coat and a giant wine glass. You could even carry a bowl of popcorn around with you. And, don't forget to dress entirely in neutrals, including power heels, a perfectly tailored pantsuit, and a structured bag.
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Olivia doesn't mess with her hair and makeup much, so just straighten your strands and part them slightly off-center, and do a natural beauty look. Just make sure all that wine doesn't make you start shouting "I'm a Gladiator" way too close to people's faces.
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Long, Dark Hair: Morticia Addams From The Addams Family
For you, Morticia Addams is the most obvious choice — and the easiest to pull off. Straighten your hair and make a severe middle part.
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Create a pale base, either with white face paint or foundation, like MAC Face and Body in White. Swipe on black liquid eyeliner, and make a smoky eye with gray shadow. Use ashy-toned powder to contour razor-sharp cheekbones. And, don't forget striking red lips and nails. Finish with a long-sleeved, black gown and a haughty gaze.
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Long, Brown Hair: Gamora From Guardians Of The Galaxy
If you have long, dark locks — especially with a reddish tint, Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy (played by Zoe Saldana) would be a kickass costume.
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The most important thing here is green body paint, which you can easily find online or at any Halloween store. Once you’re green all over (don’t forget to cover your lips and eyebrows!), add the finishing touches: some fuchsia hair chalk on the ends of your hair, and a leather vest and pants. Now, go kick some ass.
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Dark Bangs: Lydia Deetz From Beetlejuice
If you have dark hair and bangs, you'd be crazy not to go as the woman with the most iconic fringe of all time. No, I'm not talking about Alexa Chung or Zooey Deschanel. The honor goes to Lydia Deetz — okay, it’s actually more like worst bangs of all time, but they're memorable and she rocks them with confidence.
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To channel Winona's goth teenager this Halloween, use a foundation several shades lighter than your skin tone. Apply ashy-toned eyeshadow for that sunken, "my whole life is a darkroom" look. As for those bangs, separate them into four to six pointy pieces: Wet them, and then use a generous amount of strong pomade and your fingers to shape the strands. Add hairspray if you like. Put the rest of your hair into a frazzled, half-up-half-down mess — you know, like when you're leaving the gym. Most people don't have red, lacy wedding gowns lying around, so your best bet for recreating her outfit is all-black clothing, with a giant hat and camera.
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Blonde Bangs: Taylor Swift From The Video For "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"
If you have a blonde bob with bangs, you’re practically required to be Taylor Swift this Halloween. Love her or hate her, there hasn’t been a blonde with fringe this famous since Brigitte Bardot.
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As a bonus, this costume is extremely easy and can be dressed down for comfort or dressed up for sex appeal. If you want to be warm and cozy, wear a dorky matching pajama set in a fun pattern and oversized glasses. If you’d rather spend the night looking glamorous, wear a sparkling gown or cocktail dress with heels. Either way, the base look consists of red lipstick — Taylor has professed her love for NARS Dragon Girl if you want to be extremely on-point — and of course, an acoustic guitar.
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Wavy, Red Hair: Jessica Rabbit From Who Framed Roger Rabbit
If your waves happen to be red, here's a fun quiz for you! Sleek waves or tight curls? Red dress or blue-green dress? Sexy or not sexy (i.e. not freezing to death)? Elaborate makeup or fresh-faced? If you chose mostly the first options, then congrats! Your costume is the sultry Jessica Rabbit.
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Wear your hair in Veronica Lake-style waves and pair glossy, red lipstick with purple eyeshadow. You can easily find a sexy, red dress and purple gloves online for under $50 (for better deals, check eBay and Amazon instead of Halloween and Party stores). Also, this is the time to invest in an insane strapless push-up. Remember: You’re not bad. You’re just drawn that way.
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Curly, Dark Hair: Foxxy Cleopatra From Austin Powers in Goldmember
If you have naturally curly hair along with a natural propensity for laziness, Halloween can be as easy as slapping on a black robe (Hermione!) or a pair of Converse (Felicity!). However, if you have a little more time on your hands and a lot of curly hair, why not have some fun and go as Foxxy Cleopatra? You can't go wrong with any Beyoncé-inspired look, and this one is a whole lot of look.
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If you already have the Afro, all you need is a pleather mini skirt or tight bell-bottoms (check thrift stores) and a shirt that ties under your chest. To recreate her makeup, use liquid eyeliner for a double-winged cat-eye and apply glittery gold eyeshadow all the way up to your brows. NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Eyeshadow in Yellow Gold is an awesome budget-friendly choice for a high-impact gold.
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Curly, Red Hair: Merida from Brave
If you mostly chose the latter options in the quiz, then your costume is going to be Merida from Brave.
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Any long-sleeved blue or green maxi dress will do, and you can add embellishments with gold fabric yourself. If your hair isn't quite on Merida's level, try doing rag curls the night before. By rolling thin individual strands of damp hair up with strips of cloth and tying it tightly against your scalp, you'll have a bouncy head of curls the next day. You can skip the elaborate makeup with this costume, but make sure to accessorize with a bow and arrows.
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