Halloween Costumes For Every Hair Type

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Besides pumpkin spice lattes and new Netflix releases, there’s one other thing that makes fall our favorite season: Halloween. And for many of us, that means playing dress up. But if your group chat is already blowing up with outfit ideas and you feel a migraine coming on, we’ve found a simple solution to make finding a costume simple: Choose one based on your hair.
We know, we know — it sounds too easy to be real. But if you're short on time and cash, transitioning from work to going out is a breeze when you're already wearing Betty Cooper's signature ponytail. And you'll never have to explain who TF you're portraying.
So, whether you’ve been dying to recreate Solange’s album cover, or slip into Ruth’s leg-warmers from Glow, styling your hair the best way you know how solves half the battle. Now, all you need is a little inspiration and a lot of hairspray. Click ahead for our favorite Halloween costume ideas.