We've Found The Snow Boots Of Our Dreams

Fall is one of the most fickle seasons of them all — we wake up every day not knowing how we're going to dress. One day, we're stoked to break out our sweaters, and the next we're wishing we hadn't packed away our summer clothes just yet. But even with Mother Nature's indecision, it's a fact that more intense weather is coming. And while it could be next week, or it could be in a month, snow will be on the ground soon. So now's the time to start dreaming about the perfect pair of snow boots.
Sure, fast-fashion powerhouses like Zara and outdoorsy brands like Columbia are always a safe bet for boots when you're on a budget, but right now we can't help but fawn over those sturdy designer styles that looks as good as they are functional. Because to be totally honest, when the snow hits, we usually find ourselves wanting to wear any shoe but the clunky, outfit-ruining snow boot we should wear. But maybe, just maybe, if we splurged on one amazing pair for the long-haul, we wouldn't dread snow boot season half as much...
Since a gal can dream, we've rounded-up 15 splurge-worthy options we're saving up for. They may cost as much as our rent, but does anything really beat looking and feeling amazing, even in the snow?

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