The 10 Dual-Purpose Home Goods We Can't Get Enough Of

What if our favorite home goods wielded magic powers? Self-pouring coffee mugs, breadboxes that store and slice their own loaves, and other such Harry Potter-style wizardry maybe be out of the question — but clever dual purpose items aren't. All it takes to get our go-to apartment gadgets working double-duty is an open mind, some creativity, and a little guidance on which goods have magic potential.
Ahead we've lined up ten products that you can get your very own "Wingardium Leviosa" on with — from throw blankets by day to table cloths by night, candles that moonlight as cream and sugar sets, and even an everyday ottoman with a storage secret. Whether you're looking to stock up on entirely new fantastical merchandise or you're simply shopping around for some repurposing inspiration, the finds ahead have all your Muggle home needs handled.
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The Good: Candle
Dual Purpose: Stackable Cream & Sugar Set

Let these artful ceramics burn as candles by night and turn them into stackable cream and sugar sets by morning.

Paddywax Mesa Candles, $12-$20, available at Paddywax.
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The Good: Throw Blanket
Dual Purpose: Table Cloth

This cotton throw is soft and billowy enough to be a blanket, but light and gauzy enough to double as a summer table spread.

Parachute Cotton Throw, $149, available at Parachute.
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The Good: Succulent Planter
Dual Purpose: Toothbrush Holder

Fill the top of this concrete planter with a toothbrush and store it near your sink or shower to keep your bathroom stylish (and that moisture-craving succulent thriving).

Kikkerland Concrete Desktop Planter, $15.93, available at Amazon.
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The Good: Bread Box
Dual Purpose: Cutting Board

This retro metal bread box's lid doubles as a sleek bamboo cutting board with convenient crumb catching edges.

Mindful Design Bread Box, $32.99, available at Jet.
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The Good: Ottoman
Dual Purpose: Secret Storage

Fill this softly-padded ottoman with pillows, throws, or any items you're looking to secretly stash and sit on top of.

Poppin Roundabout Ottoman, $79, available at The Container Store.
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The Good: Coffee Cup
Dual Purpose: Sugar Holder

These rhombus mugs come complete with a matching lid and spoon, so you can store them upright for coffee sipping or prop them on their side as sugar holders.

Lovous Rhombus Porcelain Cup With Lid, $12.99, available at Amazon.
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The Good: Vanity Tray
Dual Purpose: Charcuterie Board

Grained wood with brass handles makes for one beautiful vanity tray — and one even more beautiful charcuterie board to fill with all your favorite meats and cheeses.

West Elm Wood & Cylinder Handles Tray, $59-$69, available at West Elm.
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The Good: Candle
Dual Purpose: Breakfast Bowl

Once the candles inside these hand-painted bowls burn down, you'll be blessed with the daintiest of breakfast vessels for a.m. cereals and oats.

Paddywax Boheme Candles, $20-$30, available at Paddywax.
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The Good: Wine/Water Decanter
Dual Purpose: Cotton Ball & Swab Holder

These recycled glass canisters make lovely wine or water decanters; they also make lovely bathroom storage containers for those cotton swab odds and ends.

Anthropologie Piper Glass Canister, $88-$118, available at Anthropologie.
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The Good: Kitchen Utensil Holder
Dual Purpose: Recipe Holder

Although this sleek kitchen contraption won't levitate our utensils for soup stirring and pancake flipping, it will hold our tablets and recipe books for cleaner cooking.

Heather & Myles Geyman Kitchen Utensil & Tablet Holder, $60, available at Uncommon Goods.