13 Amazing Holiday Cards That Are Too Cute To Pass Up

Fact: The holidays are approaching faster than Santa's sleigh. And, while we love a killer holiday fete, our true favorite part is sending and receiving festive greeting cards. Whether you're in the camp that sends 'em out without fail, or a newbie to the handwritten note, 'tis the time to gather all of the addresses of your loved ones, get your pen ready, stamps licked (or the stickies, whatever you're into), and above all — find that perfect set of cards.
Don't have everyone's zip code handy? It's easy as holiday pie. Just slyly drop the "hey-umm-what's-your-address?" question via text or email — et voilà — they'll get a snail-mail treat in a few days flat. Who doesn't love that? Quite simply, it's a super-thoughtful way to spread cheer and show that you're so above an e-card. Plus, if it's a true winner, the paper will stay on the recipient's fridge even after the tree's been trashed. That's why we've rounded up our favorite traditional, not-so-traditional, non-denominational, and slightly cheeky cards. They're sure to wow your nearest and dearest this month and maybe even next! Just be sure you put them in the post on time. Now, do tell, which is your favorite?
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Added treat: the inside reads, "Happy Holidays from our people to yours."

Urban Outfitters Oy to the World Holiday Card, set of 10, $15, available at Urban Outfitters, 1440 3rd Street Promenade (near Santa Monica Boulevard), 310-394-1404.
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For those with a sweet tooth and quirky sense of humor.

Paper Source Candy Canes 4 Bar Letterpress Holiday Cards, set of 8, $15.50, available at Paper Source.
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This illustration of the quintessential champy label is the best way to send greetings of health, wealth, and tipsiness.

Rocket Ink Champagne Year 2013, set of 8, $14.50, available at Rocket Ink.
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Hide the sticky buns, the elves are back!

Mr. Boddington's Studio Gingerbread Foreclosure Cards, set of 8, $30, available at Mr. Boddington's Studio.
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Everyone's fave Mariah cover laser-cut on certified, sustainable wood — a true work of art.

Cardtorial All I Want For Christmas Is You, $10 each, available at Cardtorial.
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How can you not l-o-v-e these? They're made right here in SoCal, too, down South in San Diego.

Sable & Snow Dino-Mite, $4 each, available at Sable & Snow.
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A hand-painted gold menorah with gifts aplenty stacked on top of a sah-weet blue station wagon!

Dear Hancock Menorah on Station Wagon, set of 6, $14, available at Dear Hancock and Urbanic, 1644 Abbot Kinney Boulevard (near Venice Boulevard); 323-953-8345.
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Just look at the face on that Frenchie! You wouldn't be mad if he broke anything (well, maybe if he chewed your new Choos?).

Crane and Co. Merry Christmas French Bulldog Letterpress Cards, set of 16, $40, available at Crane and Co.
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This doubles as a holiday card and an ornament. Win-win!

Rifle Paper Co Snow & Sled Ornament, set of 6, $18.00, available at Rifle Paper Co.
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The tough love approach to greeting cards.

Sugarcube Press Buck Up It's The Holidays Cards, set of 6, $13.95, available at Sugarcube Press.
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Who doesn't love the idea of gorging this season guilt-free! We heart the "Loosen your belt a notch & enjoy the holidays!" along the bottom most.

Studio225 Gingerbead Sugarplum Cards, set of 20, $35, available at Studio255.
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If Wes Anderson made or sent out holiday cards, these would be it.

Coral & Husk Embroidered Santa-Fox Card, $24, available at Anthropologie, 6301 West 3rd Street (at Fairfax Avenue); 323-934-8433.
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If you want to bring it way back, a mix tape would be the perfect accompaniment to this card, in which the inside reads, "Get in the holiday groove."

Rock Scissor Paper MIX TAPE Holiday Cards, set of 10, $14, available at Rock Scissor Paper.