7 Hacks That Will Transform Your Hairstyle

When you think of cheap hair accessories, your mind might shift to the butterfly clips and ill-fitting cotton headbands of your youth. But it shouldn't be that way.

Not only do high level hairstylists use cheap hair accessories on the runways — they prefer them. Unless the likes of Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana are doling out couture bits and bobs, you'll find their backstage glam squads clipping $3 barrettes, spare bobby pins, rope, and even fabric scraps into models' hair. The trick is in how you style them. Click ahead for seven ways to make dirt-cheap hair accessories look super expensive. Your friends will wonder if you bought them at Colette — not CVS.
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Photo: via @suno.
Add A Braid
You might recognize that black stretchy headband; yep, it's the same one you wear when you work out or wash your face. Not exactly fancy — until you add a gorgeous, ropey French braid, like hairstylist Odile Gilbert did at Suno. For a final touch, leave the ends tucked under the band to follow the silhouette of your neck.
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Don't Be Shy With Shine Spray
You know what looks really amazing with a mirror-shine, metallic hair clip? Equally reflective hair. This is legit a $3 Goody Jenna Barrette, opened wide to stretch across the back of the head at Jason Wu's fall 2012 show. The difference between it and what your third grade teacher wore is a heavy dose of moisturizing shine spray and a beautiful criss-cross chignon.
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Photo: Courtesy of Redken.
Twist Tightly
These pretty bands are simply pieces of gold string from a craft store. Worn loosely, they look like holiday trimmings, but when wrapped carefully and compactly around the hair, they transform into expensive-looking accessories. Just take it from hairstylist Guido Palau who employed the trick at Alberta Ferretti.
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Photo: Courtesy of Redken.
It looks even more beautiful from the back, don't you think?
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If your strands are dark, try a complementary pewter or silver string — like we saw on the ponytails at Carolina Herrera's fall 2015 show. If you can buy it by the foot at a fabric store, this hair accessory will cost you less than a buck.
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When In Doubt — Stack 'Em Up
Maybe it's the fact that you can almost never find a single bobby pin that makes a stack of four or five feel so damn luxurious. Group them on top of each other for a cool, textured barrette (like the ones we saw at Cacharel's fall 2012 show) or style them in a criss-cross or chevron shape. Bonus points if you buy the pins in pastel, white, or metallic colors — but you can also just paint plain black ones with nail polish and no one will be the wiser.
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Know Your Bows
Tight, prissy bows do not a cool girl make. The bigger, the floppier, the more lopsided — and the more you're in Giambattista Valli fall 2014 resort land. Grab a square silk scarf, roll it up, and tie it on the top of your head without a second thought. Just keep the rest of your hair pulled back in a neat bun to bring some order to the look.
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A black ribbon is another accessory that you can pay for in spare change. To give it a couture vibe, wrap it around your neck and hair for an instant chocker-hair-tie hybrid. And again, tie it loosely and floppily, so you look more like the models at Mary Katrantzou and not creepy or doll-like.
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