5 Cheap & Easy Halloween Decor Hacks That Aren't Cheesy

Whether or not you like to dress up on Halloween is totally up to you. But, drinking some boozy punch, munching on an edible graveyard, and transforming your home with a few super easy decoration ideas on the 31st? Those are requirements in our book.

From candy corn jars to tiny spider lights, these spooky and adorable accents will have your guests ooh-ing and ahh-ing. Consider them the perfect opportunity to host a get-together with friends and get crafty— or to finally have a reason to buy mini pumpkins. Who knows? You might even keep them up through Thanksgiving! Click through and find out.
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Photo: Courtesy of RecycleThyme Shop On Etsy.
Bottle Of Boos
Put those recycled glass bottles to good use by hand-painting them. Then, fill them and give them away as gifts, or leave them empty for a frightening kitchen accent. Tie a black ribbon around the neck, et voilà.
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Photo: Courtesy of Good Housekeeping.
Creepy Crawlers
Spiders, pumpkins, and tea lights unite with these adorable creepy crawlers. Light up your dinner table and get creative with mini scooped-out pumpkins and black pipe cleaners.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sous Notre Toit.
Bloody Candles
For fans of the gory, these cool candles are fabulous. They're fun to make and they look authentic — perfectly macabre.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kelly's Creative Outlet On Etsy.
Candy Corn Jars
Who doesn't love a good mason jar DIY? This easy project makes the perfect centerpiece or vase to take you from Halloween through Thanksgiving. All you need is paint, ribbon, a mason jar, and some elbow grease.
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Photo: Courtesy of Parties For Pennies.
Watch Your Back Toilet Seat
Just grab some red lipstick to write your creepy message. The only downside of this cute and hilarious party decoration is that it will probably encourage guests to leave the seat up.