First-Class Travel Tips From Your Favorite Celebrity Instagrams

It's well over halfway through the first month of 2015, and despite fairly recent holiday trips, the wanderlust is starting to kick in. Again. And, certainly, if you follow any celebrities, models, or bloggers, you can't help but fawn over their constant vacations. C'mon, can't their Dubai please become #MyDubai, too?
In the spirit of their (many) destinations, we decided to turn our envy into something productive. While we may not be able to jet set to Monaco anytime soon, we can look to the stars for packing tips and travel advice. So, gather your imaginary Louis Zéphyrs, Chanel backpacks, and Wang sneakers, fasten your seat belt, and click ahead to learn how to apply luxe inspiration to your next journey.
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Photo: via @sofiavergara.
For starters, travel light, ike Sofia Vergara.
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Although excruciatingly difficult, do not let those puppy eyes distract you from packing. (We aren't too sure how Sarah Hyland got through this one!)
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Photo: via @ninagarcia.
Too many options? Make like Nina Garcia and plan your wardrobe around a specific color palette. In this instance, it was black and gold.
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Photo: via @reesewitherspoon.
We feel you, Reese Witherspoon. Not all shoes were not made to fit in suitcases, and it always hurts having to toss those heels to the side.
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Photo: via @evachen212.
So, when packing shoes, follow Eva Chen, who proves that variety — without going overboard — is key.
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Photo: via @bryanboycom.
Always leave room to shop, as Bryanboy does.
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Photo: via @chiaraferragni.
A compact duffle and suitcase won't leave Chiara Ferragni (or you) with extra baggage fees.
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Photo: via @rachelzoe.
If you've treated yourself to designer luggage, don't be afraid to put it to use. Here, Rachel Zoe shows no ounce of hesitation.
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Photo: via @chloegmoretz.
This Chanel backpack is a favorite among celebrities, including Chloe Moretz.
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Photo: via @emmaroberts.
There's something oh so elegant about traveling with a trunk, as Emma Roberts does.
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Photo: via @victoriabeckham.
Victoria Beckham makes the most use out of her carry-ons. If you want to give a specific outfit a bit more protection, garment bags are the way to go.
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Photo: via @andreltalley.
Want to protect your luggage? Wrap your suitcase, like André Leon Talley does. Airports, especially those outside the U.S., often have the option to wrap your bag before checking in.
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Photo: via @kendalljenner.
Comfy (yet cool) sneakers, especially Kendall Jenner's blue ASH ones, should always be a travel essential.
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Photo: via @lilyaldridge.
Twinning luggage may get a bit confusing at the baggage carousel, but we have to admit, it sure made Lily Aldridge have one cute photo op.
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Photo: via @karliekloss.
There's no mistaking Karlie Kloss' custom Louis.
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Photo: via @oliviapalermo.
Another celebrity favorite is RIMOWA luggage. Olivia Palermo, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Lily Allen are just a few stars to sport the grooved suitcases.
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Photo: via @garypeppergirl.
Take note of Nicole Warne, a.k.a. Gary Pepper Girl, and make your carry-on purse your statement piece.
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Photo: via @badgalriri.
If you're in for a long flight, bring your comfiest travel blanket and pillow. Riri opted for leopard.
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Satin sleeping masks, especially Alessandra's VS one, are the perfect way to distract people from staring at your awkwardly open mouth when snoozing. Well, at least we'd like to think so.
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Photo: via @officialjdunn.
Don't forget to bring reading material! Jourdan Dunn chose DVF's newest book.
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Photo: via @ddlovato.
Demi is so right: complementary accessories should not be limited to land.
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Photo: via @shaym.
Of course, monogrammed passport cases help prevent mixups for Shay Mitchell and just about every other celeb. And, of course, we can't stress the importance of snacks.
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Photo: via @heidiklum.
Speaking of delicacies, make sure, like Heidi Klum, you (and your Cronuts) have your seat belts fastened.
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Photo: via @lindseycalla.
Blogger Lindsey Calla knows that TSA-approved, hydrating skin products are just as important as luggage.
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Photo: via @laurenconrad.
Towels and sunnies are obvious essentials for Lauren Conrad's beach bag, and when yours is this cute, it can also double as a tote for the plane.
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Photo: via @taylorswift.
Customized cat carriers à la Taylor Swift: because pets should travel in style, too.
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Photo: via @simon_doonan.
Simon Doonan proves that designer-on-designer, matchy-matchy accessories look totally striking when in transit.
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Photo: via @gigihadid.
The only view better than Emirates in-flight entertainment, is Emirates in-flight entertainment and your favorite hold-all accessory. Just ask Gigi Hadid.
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Photo: via @weworewhat.
A backpack becomes essential to ensure you'll have free hands for holding your boarding pass, passport, and a snack. Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat schools us on how it looks.
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Photo: via @songofstyle.
To ensure you spend minimal time at baggage claim, skip the black luggage and select a color you'll spot from far away, much like Aimee Song's purple pick.