12 Before & After Photos Showing Celebs With Their Natural Hair

For the Hollywood elite, getting a new look is pretty much a daily occurrence (just look at Kylie Jenner’s ever-changing hair color). And thanks to extensions, wigs, and fantastic colorists, changing up your hair is no longer a giant ordeal. Don’t like it the next day? Dye it back, chop it off, or toss a wig over it. Done.

Of course, with celebrity transformations happening left and right, it’s sometimes surprising to remember that, yes, Katy Perry is a natural blonde, and Scarlett Johansson isn’t. Lady Gaga may have a plethora of wigs and ornate hats, but underneath all that? She’s Stefani with chocolate-brown hair.

Ahead, we uncover what 12 celebrities look like with their au naturel hair colors and/or textures. To be clear: We think they look incredible either way — but it’s always good to remember your roots, isn’t it? Click the cards below to check them out.

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