These Trader Joe's Products Will Forever Change The Way You Snack

Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Our relationship with Trader Joe's is not platonic; it is full-on romantic. And just like any romance, it has its ups and its downs. But instead of focusing on the rocky times (ahem, the mile-long lines and general mayhem) let's take a moment to recognize the magical moments — a.k.a the cheese section.
The dairy area at TJ's is the stuff that gourmet-on-a-budget dreams are made of: delicious, well-stocked, cheap, and filled with character. Running the gamut from classic, creamy Bries to full-bodied blues, unexpected goat-cheese blends, and so many more, there are enough insanely affordable options for total cheese-plate domination. And because we're so intimate with Mr. Joe, we won't stop there. We'll be pairing 20 of these wonderful wedges with some of their equally thrilling cracker counterparts.
So grab a bottle of wine, light a candle, and get ready to fall even more deeply in love with our favorite grocery chain (if that's even possible).