30 Engagement Rings For Women Who Hate Bling

Not every woman expects (or even wants) a traditional, get-down-on-one-knee proposal — and not everyone is partial to solitaire diamonds. Especially since classic engagement rings are kind of having a weird moment right now, thanks to this "virginity insurance" story. Whether it's the news of the day or just personal preference, we're seeing a lot of couples opt for something a bit less traditional these days — from plain, metal bands to colored stones to creative metalwork. Which, in turn, can make shopping for this token of love all the more fun.
It's not so much that you're consciously eschewing tradition (okay, maybe you are just a little); it's more that your predilections aren't cookie-cutter when it comes to matters of the heart. Whether you've got your eye on a wedding band engraved with sweet nothings or a stone ring with a daintier feel, you'll undoubtedly find at least one style worth saying "yes" to in the slideshow ahead.
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This ring's engraving features a classic Latin phrase that translates to "Love me; it is to your advantage."
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Rock solid.
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The Ouroboros is a mythological symbol of a snake eating its tail; it dates all the way back to ancient Egypt and Greece. It has several different meanings and can represent infinity, the cyclical nature of life, and reinvention.
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You're in love — have a ball.
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The circle of love (and life).
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In Celtic tradition, vines are symbols of connection, eternity, and diversity.
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According to its product description, this ring "represents the rays of light that always surrounds us — protecting and lighting our way."
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This ring's mixed metals can be worn to symbolize you and your partner: a perfect match.
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Elegant and earthy.
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Sometimes, you don't have to decide between white or black diamonds.
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If budget is a concern, look into stones like white topaz and Herkimer diamond. These pretties offer a similar look to real-deal diamonds — without the exorbitant price tag.
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Nice ice, baby.
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A single, pink diamond for an unexpected touch of color.
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Proof that "simple" doesn't have to mean "plain."
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One for each partner, or two for a stack.
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Sometimes teensy-tiny stones end up making a big statement.
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Geometry isn't so boring when the triangles in question are made of gold and diamonds.
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Can you spy the diamond sneakily set into this ring?
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A subtler way to set one's love in stone.
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A not-so-plain silver band.
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The thoughtful message "One from two" is engraved on this ring's interior.
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A sleek bar ring is a great alternative for those forgoing more ostentatious settings.
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This flower ring is inspired by the fairy tales of Hans Christen Andersen.
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Six diamonds hand-set in a conflict-free circle. Totally sweet.
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Diamonds aren't a girl's only best friend, mind you.
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This dainty, open-front band will put those big sparklers to shame.
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This square-shaped ring is definitely outside the box.

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