38 Planners That Will Make 2017 Your Most Organized Year EVER

What are your goals for 2017? To dream big, do more, and actually achieve your resolutions? We've got a planner for that. Or maybe it's just to keep all your dental appointments and brunch dates corralled in one fly notebook? We've got a planner for that, too.
We've scoured the internet far and wide (and even consulted a few calendar junkies) to find the BEST daily, weekly, and monthly organizers to get you through the New Year. Whether you want to plan out every hour of the next 12 months or just have a place to jot down to-dos, we've found a planner for you. Oh, and for those of you just starting out your organizational journey, we have some undated options as well, meaning you can start and stop whenever you want — no blank pages left behind.
Ahead, 38 planners that make being organized easy, fun, and stylish.
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This undated planner allows you to create weekly and monthly agendas, so you'll never, ever miss an appointment.

Brit & Co. Everything Is Possible Planner, $14.99, available at Target.
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Nothing sparkles quite like gold foil printed on a plain-old paper bag. This compact mini planner is a marvel of contrast, efficiency, and style.

Waste Not Paper, Brushstroke Planner, $9.95, available at Calendars.com.
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If you ask us, the only thing better than keeping your own #girlboss empire organized is supporting other women while doing so. Ban.do's newest 2017-2018 planner is brimming with bright, colorful illustrations designed by up-and-coming female artists from around the world. So you — and girls everywhere — can run the world in style.

ban.do 17-Month Large Agenda, $32, available at ban.do
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Sometimes, you need a specific planner for a specific purpose. And if you're in the midst of the chaos that leads up to most weddings, a notebook for all those lists and cake-tasting dates is pretty crucial.

Wedding Paperie, 2017 Wedding Planner, $36.95, available at Wedding Paperie.
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"I never travel without my diary; one should always have something sensational to read in the train," explains Gwendolyn in Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest. If this sounds like you, know that there's no better planner for the modern-day Gwendolyn than this Kate Spade pick.

Kate Spade New York, Pencil It In 12-Month Agenda, $40, available at Belk.
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A handmade linen hardbound planner from Australia for under $25. That is all.

Little Papeterie, 2017 Diary, $23.60, available on Etsy.
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A bold royal blue, brass accents, and a seriously un-intimidating price tag? Target wins at life, as usual.

Sugar Paper, Cobalt Weekly Planner, 2017, $12.99, available at Target.
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The fact that this academic planner starts in August of 2016 means it's on sale for half the original price. The fact that you can use it through December 2017 means it's worth the six-month sacrifice.

Waste Not Paper, Pool Academic Planner, $14.97, available at Calendars.com.
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Didn't you hear? Marble is in — and not just the stone stuff. This handmade marble-patterned monthly planner from Etsy shop FavouriteNotebook lets you choose the start month, so you can decide that March is primetime to actually begin that New Year's" "get organized" resolution. Better late than never, right? Plus, it's a bargain.

FavouriteNotebook, Marbled Planner Notebook, $21, available on Etsy.
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An elegant bound volume, Rifle Paper Co.'s planner will make you feel like you're carrying around a fancy journal of all your adventures.

Rifle Paper Co. 2017 Midnight 12-Month Agenda, $30, available at Rifle Paper Co.
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Gallery Leather describes its monthly planner as the "Swiss Army knife" of planners. In addition to handy reference information like maps, time zones, and toll-free numbers, each month is followed by four blank pages for additional note-taking and list-making.

Gallery Leather 2017 Leather Desk Monthly Planner, $22, available at Gallery Leather.
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For the occasionally organized, this sweet little weekly planner allows you to add months and dates as you go, meaning you can pick up (and drop off) whenever you want.

Smitten On Paper Petite Planner, $18, available at Anthropologie.
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Leuchtturm1917's slogan is "details make all the difference," and its line of notebooks and planners prove it. The weekly, monthly, and daily planners come with two bookmarks, additional pages for note-taking, and numbered pages, as well as a blank table of contents.

Leuchtturm1917 Weekly Planner & Notebook, $16.50, available at Leuchtturm1917.
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If you want to feel just a little bit fancy every time you enter in a happy hour date, look no further. Smythson sets the standard for luxury leather goods, and this small but mighty pocket planner is no exception.

Smythson 2017 Panama Agenda, $195, available at Smythson.
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Ink+Volt's planner wants to keep you organized and inspired. In addition to monthly and weekly pages for jotting down appointments, there's space to set weekly and yearly goals, as well as places to reflect on and celebrate what you've accomplished.

Ink + Volt The 2017 Volt Planner, $40, available at Ink + Volt.
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Not only are there spots to write down your inspirations, gratitudes, and to-do lists daily, XO has an expense tracker that lets you set a new savings goal every month.

XO Planners 2017 Mod Planner, $50, available at XO Planners.
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Passion Planner's dated and undated notebooks start with a prompt to set short- and long-term goals. The prompts then help you break down those goals into individual, actionable items throughout the year.

Passion Planner 2017 Dated Classic Timeless Black, $30, available at Passion Planner.
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Don't sacrafice fashion for function — Kate Spade's 17-month agenda has monthly and weekly spreads, as well as dividers for each month.

Kate Spade Large Hoot 17 Month Agenda, $21, available at Kate Spade New York.
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In addition to a typical calendar, the monthly overview also includes a separate grid for each day of the month for events like birthday and anniversaries, giving you more space in the larger calendar for due dates and appointments.

Mochi Things 2017 Medium Weekly Appointment Planner, $29.81, available at Mochi Things.
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Everything in Erin Condren's line of planners is customizable, from the design and layout down to the color of the coil. You can even add your favorite quote or pictures to the interchangeable cover. But people love these cals for more than their good looks. Planner fanatics swear by Condren's organization system (and the whole line of accessories that come along with it).

Erin Condren LifePlanner, starting at $55, available at Erin Condren.
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Made entirely in America, Shinola's simple, gorgeous planners are printed on archival-quality paper that won't bleed or wear out over the course of a year.

Shinola 12 Month Runwell Pocket Planner, $14, available at Shinola.
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Along with the normal calendar, the Happiness Planner contains a year-long roadmap to helper users develop a more positive outlook on the world over the course of the year. Oh, and each planner comes with its own gold or rose gold pen.

The Happiness Planner Happiness Planner January-December, $56, available at The Happiness Planner.
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If you don't want a planner that takes itself too seriously, look no further. ban.do's 2017 planner not only has lots of daily and monthly space to keep you organized, it also comes with sheets of stickers to keep you having fun, too.

ban.do 12-Month Planner, $20, available at ban.do.
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Celebrate Pantone's color of the year — greenery — all year long.

Paper Source Greenery Hidden Spiral Planner, $29.21, available at Paper Source.
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You don't have to pay a ton for a cute planner. Sugar Paper's affordable line of office supplies at Target has several great options.

Sugar Paper Kraft Weekly Planner, $14.99, available at Target.
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If you have a girly-girl side that also loves to be meticulously organized, we have the perfect planner for you. In addition to weekly and monthly pages, there's space for notes and addresses, as well as stickers and tons of bright Lilly patterns on every page.

Lilly Pultizer 17 Month Large Agenda In Southern Charm, $30, available at The Paper Store.
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Alongside pages devoted to weekly and monthly snapshots, this jumbo planner provides a full page for each day of the year for journaling and reflections.

Waste Not Paper Lux Journaling Planner, $49.95, available at Jet.
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Recollection's planner binders can be customized with different inserts including daily or monthly cals, lists, and even "adulting pages" that help you keep track of everything from weekly chores to bills to budgets.

Recollections Creative Year Personal Binder, $13.99, available at Michaels.
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The Planner Pad's "funnel down" method is designed to increase productivity and save you an hour a day — that's 365 extra hours a year for sleeping, exercising, or re-watching America's Next Top Model.

Planner Pad Spiral Bound Organizer, $28.99, available at Planner Pad.
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These 6" leather planners are easy to tuck away in even the smallest bag or purse, and come in a slew of fun colors and patterns.

Graphic Image 6" Pocket Datebook, $38, available at Graphic Image.
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Nomatic's simple packaging hides a bunch of impressive features, like lined, unlined, and perforated pages, two elastics that allow you to mark off a page or hold the book open, a hidden pen holder, and sections dedicated to goal mapping and guided reflection.

Nomatic Planner, $29.99, available at Nomatic.
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In 2010, businesswoman and new mom Whitney English couldn't find a planner that intuitively organized her to-do lists, goals, and schedules in one place — so she created Day Designer to streamline everything and cut down on the clutter.

Day Designer January 2017 Flagship Edition: Painterly Plaid, $59, available at Day Designer.
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With a different bright deign and color scheme for each month, you'll want to keep coming back to Happy Planner all year long.

Me & My Big Ideas 2017 Happy Planner, $34.99, available at Me & My Big Ideas.
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Moleskine's well-made notebooks and planners set the standard for minimalist, classic organizers. The 12-month versions come in soft- and hard-back, as well as daily and weekly layouts.

Moleskine 12-Month Daily 2017 Planner, $19.95, available at Moleskine.
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The Self Journal's undated pages and daily and weekly reflection exercises are designed to help you set and achieve goals on a 12-week cycle. Since each book only covers three months, you can use it to jumpstart your year and move on to an undated planner. The company also offers subscription services for the book if you find yourself totally sold on the system.

Best Self Co. Self Journal, $31.99, available at Best Self Co.
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Designed for entrepreneurs, Start Planner includes pages for budgeting, holiday planning, and monthly shopping lists. There's also space for daily and rolling to-do lists.

Start Planner 2017 Hustle Daily Planner, $60, available at Start Planner.
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If a page per day is a must for you, you don't have to resign yourself to an oversized planner. Hobonichi Techo splits the year up into two handy volumes, to cut down on bulk.

Hobonichi Techo Cousin Avec Book (January Start), $35, available at Hobonichi Techo.
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There's a bold Marimekko for every week of the year, as well as plenty of space for marking all your appointments and to-dos.

Chronicle Books Cal Marimekko Engagement Calendar, $15.99, available at Calendars.com.
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If you're someone who really just relies on to-do lists to get things done, this simple notepad breaks out tasks by days of the week, allowing you to prioritize and organize them accordingly.

Knock Knock This Week Pad, $3.97, available at Amazon.
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