The Most Underrated Hulu Originals To Watch Now

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With everyone raving about Netflix and chill, Hulu doesn't get nearly as much love as it deserves. I like to think of Hulu as the streaming service for regular folks with hectic schedules. Netflix will have a collection of weird and unusual titles for the eclectic spirit. But if you just want to watch prime-time favorites, Hulu is right for you. The platform can even randomize a playlist of shows just in case you don’t feel like binging one specific series.
Hulu also has a bigger selection of current shows to choose from. The general rule of thumb is that if Netflix doesn't have it, Hulu will. The platform is even starting to rival Netflix in the original-programming category. Sure, it may not be as sexy as its counterpart with the red logo, but Hulu definitely has some things going for it.
Here's the best of what's on offer.
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The Wrong Mans

Starring James Corden, The Wrong Mans is Office Space meets action thriller and heist. Two town council employees are drawn into a seedy underworld due to mistaken identity. What results is a twisty, turny, appealing British comedy.
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Legion (2017-present)

Hop on this dark, supernatural, and critically acclaimed show while it's still a manageable binge. In this show, part of the Marvel universe, a schizophrenic man is confronted with the possibility that his voices and vision might actually be real. A fellow psychiatric patient helps David Haller (Dan Stevens) unlock his real powers of telepathy and telekinesis.

Legion is filtered through Haller's unique (and distorted) conception of reality.
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Take a trip into the twisted, melancholy, terrifically observant mind of comedian Louis C.K. Each largely standalone episode follows C.K.'s adventures in comedy, dating, and child-rearing.
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The Handmaid's Tale

Granted, this adaptation of Margaret Atwood's feminist dystopia doesn't drop until April 27. But you'll want to mark your calendar in advance. Offred's journey adjusting to the new world order is devastating, gripping, and terrifyingly easy to imagine.
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Following a group of prostitutes in Georgian London, this eight-part drama looks at history from a "whore's-eye view."
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This Is Us

Time to melt your cold, cynical heart and jump on the This Is Us bandwagon that's sweeping the country. This is the most emotionally captivating, sincere family on TV.
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The Mindy Project
If you can stomach an annoying voice-over and vague cultural insensitivity, binge-watching The Mindy Project on Hulu can make for an enjoyable night. Fox cancelled the show after only three seasons, but it’s been going strong on Hulu for two seasons since.
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Shut Eye
This series is about a guy, Charlie Haverford, who couldn’t make a career for himself being a magician. So he settles for the next best thing: Running storefront psychic shops backed by a mob boss, and being a psychic himself. It’s a dramedy with a dark side.
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Difficult People
A comedy about two comedians who kind of hate everything and suck at their jobs. Not surprisingly, it’s pretty funny.
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A Day In The Life
Hulu is helping you take celebrity stalking to the next level with this documentary-style show. Each episode follows a different celebrity or tastemaker around for…well, a day. Some of the stars featured include Misty Copeland and
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Having to move into your single brother's place with your teenage daughter after a divorce probably sucks. Laugh through the painful awkwardness while watching Hulu Original Casual.
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East Los High
A group of Latino teenagers navigate high school and hookups in this Hulu Original.
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The Awesomes
Seth Meyers helped bring the grown-up cartoon The Awesomes to life. Voiced by SNL stars, the series follows a band of sucky superheroes who try to save the world.
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The Path
If you're into cults and new age spiritualism you'll love The Path. It's about followers of a fictional movement called Meyerism. But as with any attempts to organize humans, there are tests in loyalty and power. You have time to catch before the second season premieres on the 25th.
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The Hotwives of Orlando
This Hulu sitcom makes fun of one of America's favorite reality franchises. The Housewives parody also has a second season set in Las Vegas.
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