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While we’re firm believers that you don’t need to be hairless like a Sphynx cat to be considered a beautiful beach babe, there’s no doubt that we pay more attention to our body hair as the temps start to creep up. But, all that time and money spent on maintenance can add up to the cost of a small vacation by the time summer is over. So, to help you out, we’ve rounded up 19 at-home beauty must-haves for managing body and facial hair like a boss.

Whether you want to bleach your peach fuzz, take it all off from head to toe, or simply maintain what Mother Nature gave you, these tools are guaranteed to get the job done. So, what are you waiting for? From here on out, it’s nothing but smooth sailing, dear reader.
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Shaving our legs is still the most pain-free and fast way to defuzz. But, if you don’t invest in a decent razor, you’ll wind up with ingrown hairs, nicks, and a less-than-smooth result. Enter the new Bic Soleil Glow. This drugstore buy features three flexible blades that hug your contours so you don’t tear up your skin. As added protection, the “comfort shield” head evenly distributes pressure, and lubricating vitamin E and aloe strips ensure you get the silkiest shave, ever — even if you only have minutes to spare before slipping into that bathing suit.
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Keep your now-bare-legs that way by smoothing on this moisturizing hair inhibitor.

Completely Bare Don't Grow There Body Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor, $9.99, available at Ulta.
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Yes, we did just say that one of the main elements of a great at-home shave is a killer razor. However, we were just introduced to another tool that has changed the at-home shaving game. The Soften Her exfoliating pad softens even the sharpest of cactus stubble, while removing the excess dead skin that causes everything from razor rash to ingrowns. And, your hair will grow back even softer sans any irritation.
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Truth: We may have swiped our S.O.’s blade from the Dollar Shave Club across our hairy calves on more than one occasion. But, not anymore. Nope. Not with the new Oui Shave in the house. OS is the first shave club for women, featuring chicly designed razors that also have the gusto it takes to hack through that stubble. To add to the experience, Oui also offers luxurious shave oils and body scrubs made with all-natural ingredients and luscious essential oils.
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Doesn't it seem that just as soon as we get a wax or shave, bristles are already sprouting back up again — especially in the warm-weather months? Well, if applied daily, this body serum can help reduce the appearance of hair — minus any irritation (read: ingrowns and bumps) that may otherwise keep you from slipping on those sexy shorts.
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Hair-removal tools are getting more and more high-tech every day. Case in point: the Tria Hair Removal Laser, the only FDA-approved device for the home that uses the same diode-laser technology as you'd find at the dermatologist's office. With regular sessions, you’ll start to see a reduction in hair growth in about two to three months. After you’ve reached your goal, you can continue to use it for touch-ups where necessary.
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When it comes to waxing at home, you’ve got to use a quality product if you want to achieve spa-worthy results. We love this 100% natural sugar paste not only for how efficiently it removes hair, but for leaving our skin silky-smooth. The jar retains heat so you don’t have to keep nuking it in the microwave, and the fabric strips are washable so you can use them several times. Just remember to hold your skin taut!
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Chemical depilatories have come a long way, and thankfully fewer and fewer of them have that rotten-egg smell. This gel cream works in as little as three minutes to dissolve the hair, coming even closer to the root than a razor. And, thanks to the addition of essential oils, the treated areas will feel smooth and smell lovely, too.
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This good-for-your-skin kit tops our list because it's not only USDA-certified organic, but water-soluble. That means it's foolproof, so if you screw up by placing the wax in the wrong place, no problem: All you need to do is wash it off and start from scratch.
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We love this trustworthy tool from Bliss. Whether you choose to take it all off or sculpt to your comfort level, its “ingrown-eliminating pad” should put your mind at ease. It comes with four attachments, letting you work on your bikini area, as well as other body and facial hair.
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For the areas where you’d rather lighten than remove, there’s GiGi Gentle Bleaching Cream. This bargain drugstore find is non-irritating (but do a patch test first, just in case) and easy to use.
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If you already love Sally Hansen for nail care, you won’t be disappointed with this extremely effective, yet gentle bleach. While we dig the sweet-almond scent, the real reason to be enamored with this product is the fact that the results last up to a month. That's a good third of the summer!
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We’re obsessed with this shaving oil from across the pond. Not only does it give us the closest shave, but it only takes about four or five drops per leg to get the job done. Bonus points for the delicious scent.
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For those who prefer a shaving cream, this nourishing formula from EOS rocks. Not only does it provide 24 hours of hydration post-shave, but you can even use it on dry legs if time is of the essence.
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If you got waxed right before your beach vacay, make sure you slip a few of these hair-inhibiting gel wipes in your bag to keep things fuzz-free and hydrated throughout your entire trip.
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Sensitivity to facial waxing can be even worse during the summer months, because we’re likely spending more time in the sun. So, keep this handy-dandy rollerball in your beauty bag to soothe and hydrate those sensitive areas while preventing breakouts.
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Even if you make every effort to avoid them, ingrown hairs can happen. And, when they do, this cream (originally created for Strip: Ministry of Waxing) should be your go-to for treating the painful bumps and redness. Chamomile and allantoin soothe, while papaya and pineapple exfoliate, helping to remove the ingrown culprits. Finally, B5 repairs the skin, so you’ll be back to normal in no time.
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If neither waxing, shaving, nor laser-hair removal are exactly right for you, consider this pain-free electronic epilator. It removes hair in one single pass, with results lasting up to six weeks, so we think it’s the bee’s knees. But, the best part? That just-under-$40 price tag.
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Providing you use the proper razor, it is possible to shave your bikini line without worrying about red bumps and irritation. And, by proper, we don’t mean the freebies in the gym locker room. The new Venus Swirl has five blades and adjusts to all your curves and hard-to-reach spots, so you’re guaranteed a smooth shave. If you really want to make sure you’re preventing ingrown hairs, Jody Levine, MD, suggests swiping an exfoliating face toner on your bikini line twice a day, and moisturizing the area to avoid the dry-skin buildup that can prevent hair from coming to the surface.
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Instead of shaving it all off, you can manage your hair length with this razor/waterproof bikini trimmer — convertible with a simple flip of the handle. The blades have a water-activated hydrating serum that promises to keep your skin supple for up to two hours after shaving, while the trimmer features four settings so you can customize to a length that suits your fancy.
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