The Back-To-School Essentials You Should Still Buy

The idea of back-to-school shopping shouldn't become obsolete when you reach adulthood. Whether or not you're gearing up for another year of classes (or just the end of your company-sanctioned summer Fridays), fall is the perfect time to stock up on practical — and adorable! — items that will get you organized. Sure, you may not be buying a new Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper or a rainbow set of gel pens, but you won't regret taking advantage of new merchandise and indulging in a planner or chic backpack. Click ahead for the 15 back-to-school staples you should still be buying, no matter how old you are.

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The Wear-Everyday Backpack
No, we're not talking a purple Jansport — this structured leather backpack is super sleek and ideal for a hands-free commute. Professional enough to wear to work, yet cool enough for the weekends — it's like your favorite high school backpack, all grown-up.
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The Trendy Planner
Get in on the marble trend in more ways than one with these marbled planners that are almost too pretty to use. And, they'll complete your inspirational workplace Instagram shot.
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The Fall Sneaker
Admit it — your white kicks from summer are looking a little bit too beat-up, beyond the point of just worn-in. A fresh pair of Vans will do the trick for replacing your wear-everyday sneaker into fall.
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The Pretty Pencils
Remember these things? We know that actually writing with a pencil can seem like an ancient practice, but with ones this cute, you'll be going back to old-school pencil and paper at your meetings.
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The Reusable Lunch Bag
A chic and reusable lunch pouch might finally give you reason enough to give Seamless a rest and brown-bag it, grown-up style. Carry last night's leftovers to work with this one from Madewell.
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The Big-Girl Watch
It may not be the same as your good old Baby-G, but there's something that just feels so polished about wearing a modern, upgraded watch. Stack it up with your favorite bracelets and rings to complete an interesting yet work-ready arm party.
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The Upgraded Phone Case
We hope you at least have some sort of casing for your iPhone by now, but if not, it's time to stop living on the edge (at least in the technological way). And if you have one already, it could probably use a facelift — this palm print turns your gadget from a phone to an accessory.
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The Adult Pencil Pouch
Maybe for the aforementioned pencils, or just for the essentials like extra hair-ties, headphones, and your birth control pills, a catch-all pouch is a must-have for any time of year. Carry it by itself when you just need the necessities, or throw it in a larger tote on heavier-load days.
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The Little Black Notebook
Ditch the spirals and collages of kittens and puppies for a more streamlined, use-everyday notebook that can still show some personality. Who doesn't love repping their astrological sign?
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The Decorative Desk Calendar
Considering how much techonology surrounds us, it's amazing how many times we still find ourselves asking "What's the date?" or "What day is it today anyway?" Solve that eternal question for good with a desk calendar that looks cute, too.
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The Cool-Girl Clear Glasses
Whether you put your prescription in them or not, fresh eyewear is a fun way to play with your fall wardrobe — only, no trip to the optometrist required.
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The Fashionable Headphones
Apple's white earbuds are fine and all, but why not invest in a pair of headphones that can actually complete an outfit? You wear them morning and night, so they might as well add some interest to your ensemble. Plus, aside from looking good, they make your tunes sound that much better.
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The Go-To Boot
Give your sandals a break with a new pair of ankle boots that you'll basically wear to the ground. This year, though, step it up with navy as opposed to your typical black, and maybe add an on-trend tassle for good measure.
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The Laptop Case
You know, that thing you've been meaning to buy forever? You've likely invested in the latest laptop by now, so the least you could do is protect it (because no, sticking it in a canvas tote bag doesn't count).
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The Must-Have Water Bottle
You're a grown-up now — so drink (water) like one with a high-quality water bottle you can fill up over and over. It's better for the planet, and you'll be way more on top of staying hydrated.
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