18 Duffle Bags To Freshen Up Your Travel Style

Finding a good duffle bag should be priority number one when it comes to travel gear. A duffle/weekender/hands-free carry-on is just oversized, just flexible enough to fulfill all of your overpacking dreams, without having to dedicate yourself to a bulky roller suitcase. But considering the differences in durability, size, weight distribution, and equally as important, style, a travel bag can make or break even the shortest of trips. Because the last thing you need to face mid-travel is back pain from uncomfortable straps or your cheap, nylon number ripping at the seams.

If sore shoulders and a bag that's seen better days en route to your weekend retreat doesn't sound like your cup of tea, then it's time to consider refreshing your go-to piece. Ahead are 18 duffle bags that will serve to better your travel style, not cramp it. And whether you're packing a bag for a bon voyage or just a morning commute to the gym, you deserve to give yourself a break with these hassle-free options.

Forever 21 Canvas Duffle Bag, $18.00 $12.60, Buy
Everlane The Twill Weekender, $98.00 Buy
State Franklin Duffel, $155.00 Buy
Kestrel Aurous Angle Weekender, $298.00 Buy
ban.do Work It Out Gym Bag, $35.00 $26.00, Buy
Paravel Grand Tour, $365.00 Buy
Tory Sport Packable Duffle Bag, $98.00 Buy
Eastpak Perce Brim Duffle Bag, $100.00 Buy
Balenciaga Wheel Embroidered Shell Bag, $995.00 Buy
Hex Coca Cola Sneaker Duffel Bag, $169.95 Buy
H&M Weekend Bag, $49.99 Buy
Latitu Blush Pink København Holdall, $895.00 Buy
Baggu Canvas Duffel, $44.00 $37.00, Buy
Calvin Klein 205West39NYC Canvas Small Duffel Bag, $2,100.00 $839.00, Buy
Converse Converse Duffel, $60.00 Buy
LeSportsac Extra Large Weekender, $160.00 Buy
Dagne Dover Landon Carryall, $125.00 Buy
Lotuff Leather No. 12 Weekender, $1,200.00 Buy
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