The Podcasts To Listen To When You Need Relationship Advice

If you're going through a relationship rough patch, there are times when all you want is an unbiased source to give you some solid advice. Sure, you could talk to your friends, or you could see a therapist. But sometimes you just need someone to remind you that you're not alone, and maybe even tell you what to do. This is where relationship podcasts come in.

These days, you can learn so much just from listening to a podcast, whether you want to hear stories about serial killers and murder or dish about D-list celebrity gossip. And yes, you can even discover things about your own relationship just by listening to strangers talk about theirs.

Given that, we found the best podcasts to listen to when you're looking for some insight or guidance about your relationship. Listening to these won't necessarily solve all your problems, but they may be just the thing you needed to hear.

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The best friends who host this podcast, Kathy Tu and Tobin Low, describe themselves as "super queer" and "super fun." The show is dedicated to telling real people's stories about what it's like to be LGBTQ+ today — and they often talk about coming out and falling in love. Anyone can submit a story to be featured on the show, but they've also had famous LGBTQ+ guests, like Lena Waithe and Tegan and Sara.

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Modern Love

Fans of the New York Times column Modern Love will gush over the spinoff podcast, which features readings from famous people and actual columnists. Whether you're having dating troubles or trying to mend a bond with your family, there's something you can learn from each piece.

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Unqualified with Anna Faris

Ever wondered what advice your favorite celebrity would give about your specific relationship issues? Well, Anna Faris is here to make that happen. Each episode, she hosts a celebrity guest, then surprises callers who have submitted their relationship and dating woes. While the point of her podcast is to offer "unqualified" advice, Faris is incredibly wise, seems to care deeply about each caller, and isn't afraid to admit when she's been through a similar situation.

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Where Should We Begin? With Esther Perel

Prepare to have breakthroughs about your own relationship while listening to the brilliant relationship therapist Esther Perel's podcast. The episodes are recorded, one-time couple's therapy sessions, during which they tackle complex issues like gender identity, infertility, infidelity, and trauma in a concise format. And who knows? It may convince you to go to couple's therapy on your own.

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