13 Reasons Why Star Katherine Langford's New Movie Is About Exploding Teenagers

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13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford's career is blowing up. Unfortunately, so are the characters that populate her new movie.

According to Deadline, Langford will star in Spontaneous, a film adaptation of Aaron Starmer's novel of the same name.

The title is more literal than you might expect. Per the report, Langford will portray teenager Mara Carlye, whose senior year is thrown for a loop when her classmates start, well, spontaneously combusting. Yes: Mara's classmates explode, and yes, it is not cute.

Of course, the film will be about more than just the grossness of seeing your classmate go boom. With death possibly imminent, Mara and her friends have to decide how to live life to the fullest — or if it's worth it to even do so given the circumstances.

Langford, a relative newcomer, just received her first Golden Globe nomination for the role of the deceased Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why. She released a statement on her nod to Entertainment Weekly, in which she expressed her thanks to the cast and crew of her Netflix series.

"Words cannot express my sheer excitement and gratitude for being nominated by the HFPA this morning for portraying Hannah Baker, a young woman whom I have come to truly love and understand. Hannah’s story resonated with so many people, and I feel truly grateful to Netflix, Paramount TV, Brian Yorkey, Tom McCarthy, Selena Gomez, and all of our tremendous producers…and to our incredibly talented cast – who are also my dear friends, and our wonderful crew for bringing this story to life," Lanford wrote. "Most of all, my sincere hope is that the recognition continues to shine a light on so many of the important life issues and struggles we portray in 13 Reasons Why. I’m forever grateful to have been given this opportunity and will continue to work hard to bring dignity, respect, and grace to such a powerful character."

Langford will reprise her role as Hannah in 13 Reasons Why's season 2.

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