This Is The Most Divisive Celebrity Beauty Trend Of 2017

When you think of the most divisive beauty trends of 2017, squiggly brows and glitter vaginas may come to mind. But there’s another Instagram movement that's really stirred the “love it/hate it” controversy: celebrity kids wearing makeup. And as Instagram commenters have shown, it’s ruffling feathers more than any wacky viral brow look.

Just last week, Tori Spelling, Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian revealed that they let their kids — from toddlers to pre-tweens —play in their makeup stashes. And with each share, people sounded off. First Tori Spelling shared a picture of her nine year-old daughter wearing a cranberry-red lipstick to Thanksgiving dinner. Some people lost their minds, others had her back. Then, Jessica Simpson posted a picture of her five year-old daughter wearing what she called #girlygoth lipstick, while sharing that MAC Cosmetics is the kid’s favorite store — something that garnered the same opposing critiques. Now, Kim Kardashian has revealed in an interview with US Weekly that she uses her own KKW Beauty products as a bargaining chip to get her four year-old daughter to go to school. Cue the outrage in 3, 2, ...

If you ask us, the best beauty trend of 2017 is every person expressing themselves as they please — whether that person is a tyke or a card-carrying member of the AARP. Ditto for letting people parent in the way they best see fit. And, as several celebrity moms have shown, for them that includes allowing kids to play with cosmetics from time to time. Ahead, see which celebs adopt a laissez faire attitude when it comes to palettes and play.

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When Tori Spelling posted a collection of images as a way to celebrate her "untraditional" family, she probably didn't expect backlash. But the post prompted some commenters to gripe that Spelling’s nine year-old daughter Stella was “too young for dark lipstick.”
Jessica Simpson’s stance when it comes to kids wearing makeup? Let them have MAC! (Though not all of her followers are convinced.)
Kim Kardashian has already gone on record saying she allows daughter North to play with makeup. And we even got to see her skills when the four year-old applied “body makeup” and “sparkle” to her aunt Khloe. In her latest reveal to US Weekly, Kardashian says she bribes her daughter to go to school by giving her access to KKW Beauty products. If you ask us, it’s only a matter of time before North becomes a bonafide master of glam.
Rachel Bilson doesn't often post photos of daughter Briar Rose to Instagram. But as Refinery29 reported, Bilson is a bit more lenient when it comes to sharing her stash of colored Chapstick. “My daughter loves watching me get ready and do my makeup. She always wants to put ‘lipstick’ on,” she shared in an interview with People. “She has her own [ChapStick] Total Hydration Moisture + Tint in Rose Petal and she applies it very liberally.”
One approach to letting kids play with makeup? Serving as the canvas, like Jenna Dewan Tatum who shows just how creative little kids can get.
When your mom is Beyoncé, how can you not want to dip into that makeup bag? Mama Bey let Blue Ivy get into her gloss, liner, and seemingly infinite collection of rhinestones. We think her look is pretty stage-ready — and commenters loved the cute factor.
This time-lapse video of Christina Milian’s daughter doing her own makeup not only proves that Milian is on board, but that young Violet was already a pro at 5 years old.
When former Teen Mom cast member Farrah Abraham let her seven year-old daughter wear makeup to school, she faced a lot of backlash. Abraham thoughts on the matter? “Don’t ever criticize a parent for the discovery and the imagination of someone who’s little.”
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