This Is How To Be The Coolest Girl At The 4th Of July BBQ

It's understandable if you're feeling fatigued by all the weird things people are putting on their nails right now — nipples, fidget spinners, and tampons, to name a few — but don't swear off nail art just yet. Why? Because if there's any time to go back to the classics, it's the Fourth of July — a celebration of primary colors and the good, ol' simple life.

By all means, paint all 10 fingers in solid red or blue, but if you're trying to stage the perfect holding-a-Coca-Cola-on-the-beach Instagram, you're going to want to take inspiration from the patriotic nail looks ahead.

Just dot some holiday-themed shades over a clear glitter base and — bam — instant party.
Red, white, and blue aren't the only shades that say 'Born in the USA;' black can work, too, with the right amount of sparkle.
Make a little DIY flag on your nails, then find a sick backdrop for your Insta.
No red on hand? White, with a cobalt blue snake design, can be your avant-garde take on the 4th.
Still feeling the Pride beauty vibes? Pair your rainbow strobe with colorful, star-studded nails.
A French mani, a moon mani, and a 4th of July mani all in one makes you the trendiest person at the BBQ, hands down.
Get geometric with some primary color-blocking.
You'll want to keep this look on long after the first week of the month.
Want to be super subtle? An thin swipe of a glitter across the tips will make that hotdog you're holding look like caviar.
If you're up for a manicure that's a bit more advanced, try outlining the entire nail with colorful polish and dropping a silver star in the middle. Then pretend to be surprised by all the compliments that roll in.
No need to wait until nighttime to bring out the fireworks.
We love marbling all year long. All you need is polish, a bowl of water, and a toothpick.
Nothing, not even sparklers, will outshine these ombré gold nails.
This half-nail design will have everyone doing a double take as you reach for the pasta salad.
Planning on posting up poolside all weekend? These nails will look killer both in and out of the water.
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