Justin Timberlake Confirms Jessica Biel's Pregnancy In Sweet Instagram

Celebs these days! You can't go on Instagram without scrolling past a stunning pregnancy announcement of some kind. It's like your high school friends on Facebook (badum-ch). Anyways, today in adorable news, Justin Timberlake has officially confirmed that his wife is pregnant with a baby that presumably has perfect cheekbones, amazing musical skills, and twinkling eyes that can command a room in one sweeping gaze (just guessing, here). They have always been a very sweet couple, so it's no surprise that the confirmation snap was lovely and heart-warming. 

Can you imagine the albums that fatherhood will inspire in JT? It's so exciting. They are going to be smooth, and loving, and full of emotions that only a perfect falsetto can properly convey. We are sincerely looking forward to that, as well as the undoubtable onslaught of baby-sized suits and ties that this child will don in its first days of life. Yay for the happy couple! 

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