"Spectre," the latest James Bond film with Monica Bellucci, is out. Love Bellucci. Her Bond girl? Not so much. (Refinery29)
Fashion bigwigs remember "Lucky." Eva Chen calls the magazine "#squadgoals before #squadgoals existed." (Refinery29)
Ever wonder what type of celeb Whitney Houston was? Apparently, super down-to-earth (other than wanting crystal glasses and a super-specific cranberry juice). (Refinery29)
THIS is what real post-baby bodies look like — no Photoshop or editing. (Refinery29)
Fashion favorite Kehinde Wiley photographed a feature in support of #BlackLivesMatter. "My interest is in the now — what does it feel like to be Black in 2015?" (Refinery29)
Meanwhile, it seems like a ton of '90s sitcoms predicted Trump's presidential campaign, like "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." (Refinery29)
Cat ladies lookin' good. This photo series celebrates YOU. (Refinery29)
Apparently, you lose your sense of humor when you don't sleep enough. Maybe it's time for a quick nap? (Refinery29)
Courtesy of Giphy.