Hack Your Heart Out

How To Make A Bowl Out Of Candy — & Other 4/20 Hacks

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Happy 4/20 everyone. Why not head to a friend's place, order a pizza, plop on the couch, and relax?

Dammit. You left your pipe at home. Not to worry! There are plenty of ways to DIY a pipe from the objects you have around you. And while you're at it, impress your buds with our favorite way to break up the bud. (It involves a pill bottle and a penny.)

In this 4/20 edition of Hack Your Heart Out, we teach you how to use candy and pizza not only to curb your munchies, but to hack and pack a stellar bowl. Enjoy!

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4 20 Smoking Tricks, Weed HacksReleased on April 20, 2016