The Best Gifts From Target For Each Zodiac Sign, Under $25

Sure, you could put the same drugstore chocolate and scented candles into each and every stocking this holiday season. But there's a reason those stockings have names on them — everyone is a unique snowflake, and we mean this in the best way. So why should they all be stuffed with the same goodies?
One way to make sure your gifts don't end up in the fireplace is to shop by astrological sign. Your loved ones' sun signs may not tell the entire story of their personality, but they will help you whittle down your options as you search the great wild internet. For example, adventurous Aries doesn't want another pair of socks.
Good thing Target practically wrote the book on stocking stuffers, offering under-$25 options for everyone on your list. And, if you order by 11:59 CST on December 20, you'll get free delivery by December 23. Ahead, your Target stocking-stuffer horoscopes!
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Aries are action people. Give them the opportunity to visit an unknown destination — even if it's just in the form of a passport cover — and they'll know you get them. You really get them.
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Donut even worry about it, we've got your Taurus needs taken care of. This Earth sign oversees food and drink and lives for visual harmony, so a food kit that helps them whip up some 'grammable goodies is just the ticket.
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Give indecisive Gemini a place to write down all of those brilliant ideas. This book's for the dreamer and the doer, which is perfect because Gem is a little bit of both. With exercises, as well as a place for a diary and mood board, this will help the flighty twins chart their path.
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The hermit crab loves nothing more than to be cozy, so give them the gift of warmth with these super-soft slippers. Hot-cocoa kit optional (but very welcome).
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There's nothing Leo relishes more than their pampering time. This pretty set will make them feel like they're being waited on — hand and foot. Plus, you can hang it on the tree!
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Virgo may have a reputation as the organized sign, but they also have a penchant for partying. (Work hard, play hard.) Give them a planner, which will help them balance the two in 2018.
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Libras have a knack for entertaining and bringing people together — as well as for precise measurements. Combine all their interests with this smart shaker, which features recipes for four classic cocktails. (Then, invite yourself over for drinks.)
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Passionate Scorpios need a creative outlet to express all of their long-held feelings and ideas. There's no better place to start than with a classic, black Moleskine.
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This lifelong learner would be most satisfied with a gift that lets them DJ their own experience. So give them what they want: a gift card to buy music, TV shows, and apps to their heart's desire. The best part is, you can email it.
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Something practical and fancy-ish is a sure bet for the goat. The Toms Apple Watch band — made of durable grosgrain, leather, and stainless steel — is the type of accessory they may not have thought of, but will appreciate.
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Like many of us, spiritually inclined Aquarius has likely had a hard year. Help them unwind with this yoga-class essential — a towel that'll keep them from slipping and sliding all over their mat as they downward dog.
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Sentimental Pisces wants nothing more than to feel close to their loved ones. Frame a favorite photo of the two of you that they're sure to treasure forever.