A Comprehensive Guide To Every Celebrity Cameo On KUWTK

Photo: Brian Bowen Smith/E! Entertainment.
Ten years and 13 seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians have helped the Kardashian brand become an international conglomerate. The famous family that took reality television by storm has broken the 15-minute time frame usually allotted for celebrities of their caliber. And in the decade that they have dominated pop culture, there have been plenty of other stars who have joined in on their antics.
Since their inaugural season — before any of them dared to go blonde and the youngest two, Kylie and Kendall, were able to sign the contracts that make them millions today — the Kardashians have welcomed a slew of familiar faces to join them once the cameras started rolling. This is your comprehensive guide to all of the celebrity cameos on KUWTK.
Before we begin, it’s important to establish some parameters on who counts as a celebrity in this context. Since 2007, certain people have been thrust into the spotlight as a result of their proximity to the Kardashians and Jenners. The individuals who are famous by association — this isn’t a critique of them or their many talents and contributions to the world — will not be included in this guide. Apologies in advance to the Jonathan Cheban’s and Haqq sisters of the world.
Additionally, archival footage from appearances and shows that include other celebrities don’t count. For example, in the very first episode Kim appeared on Tyra to talk about her infamous sex tape, but Tyra Banks will not be on this list. Lastly, cameos on any of the many KUWTK spin-offs like Kourtney and Kim Take New York and Khloé & Lamar will also not be included. The list is hefty enough with just the mothership.
Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s dive right in.
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Season 1
The beginnings of Kim's road to superstardom had some interesting beginnings thanks to connections she made through her mom, and her first Playboy shoot. You can tell by the cameos:

Robin Antin (Episode 1 & recurring as a family friend)
Holly Madison (Episode 4)
Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett (Episode 4)
Hugh Hefner (Episode 4)
Ryan Seacrest (Episode 8 & recurring as an executive producer and family friend)
Fabolous (Episode 8)
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Season 2
In her first high-profile relationship since Ray J, Kim started dating and NFL player, while her brother fell for a Cheetah Girl.

Reggie Bush (Episode 1 & recurring as Kim's bae)
Adrienne Bailon (Episode 3 & recurring as Rob Kardashian's bae)
Cris Judd (Episode 4)
Vivica A. Fox (Episode 10)
Shaquille O’Neal (Episode 10)
Terrell Owens (Episode 10)
Paul Wall (Episode 10)
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Season 3
Carmen Electra (Episode 2)
The Cheetah Girls (Episode 2)
Perez Hilton (Episode 5)
Lance Bass (Episode 5)
Mel B. (Episode 8)
Aubrey O’Day (Episode 8)
Robert Shapiro (Episode 8)
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Season 4
The fourth season of KUWTK saw Khloé become a married woman. When your man plays for the Lakers, you make fancy friends.

Lamar Odom (Wedding special & recurring as Khloé's husband)
Kelly Osbourne (Wedding special)
Vera Wang (Wedding special)
Phil Jackson (Wedding special)
Lauren London (Wedding special)
Kobe Bryant (Wedding special)
Nicole Eggert (Wedding special)
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Season 5
We finally got a cameo from one of Kim's closest friends in season five of the show. She was the only new familiar face this season.

La La Anthony (Episode 10 & recurring as Kim's friend)
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Season 6
It seems like ages ago in pop culture years, but Kim Kardashian married someone else on television a few years ago. It was the star-studded event of the year then, too.

Kris Humphries (Episode 1 & recurring as Kim's bae)
Demi Lovato (Episode 15: Wedding Special)
Julianne Hough (Episode 15: Wedding Special)
Lindsay Lohan (Episode 15: Wedding Special)
Eva Longoria (Episode 15: Wedding Special)
Rachael Ray (Episode 15: Wedding Special)
Mario Lopez (Episode 15: Wedding Special)
Alan Thicke (Episode 15: Wedding Special)
Robin Thicke (Episode 15: Wedding Special)
Avril Lavigne (Episode 15: Wedding Special)
George Lopez (Episode 15: Wedding Special)
Serena Williams (Episode 15: Wedding Special)
Kelly Rowland (Episode 15: Wedding Special)
Ciara (Episode 15: Wedding Special)
Carmelo Anthony (Episode 15: Wedding Special)
Babyface (Episode 15: Wedding Special)
The Dream (Episode 15: Wedding Special)
Wolfgang Puck (Episode 15: Wedding Special)
Larsa Pippen (Episode 15: Wedding Special)
Scottie Pippen (Episode 15: Wedding Special)
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Season 7
This season may not have as many guest appearances, but the two people that did appear in the Kardasian-verse pretty much trump anyone else that's ever appeared on the show.

Kanye West (Episode 9 & recurring as Kim's husband)
Oprah Winfrey (Episode 15)
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Season 8
Let's just say the Kardashians and Jenners didn't need any help this season, except for Kim and Kanye's huge wedding.
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Season 9
I'll bet no one thought that one of these associates of Kim Kardashian would return to KUWTK a few seasons later under completely different circumstances. Things were simpler four seasons ago.

Blac Chyna (Episode 2 & recurring as Rob's fiancée)
Benjamin Flajnik (Episode 2)
French Montana (Episode 18 & recurring as Khloé's friend)
Rachel Roy (Episode 20)
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Season 10
Kylie gets a boyfriend. I think I speak for everyone when I say that it was probably a mistake.

Tyga (Episode 9)
Joanna Coles (Episode 15)
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Season 11
The women of this family are still rubbing elbows with A-listers in the form of new flings, fashion partners, and fancy galas.

Quincy Brown (Episode 3)
Gigi Hadid (Episode 3)
Olivier Rousteing (Episode 3)
Mr. Brainwash (Episode 8)
Riccardo Tisci (Episode 8)
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Season 12
Now that Yeezy himself is part of the family, his friends are now friends of the Kardashians.*

Anna Wintour (Episode 2)
50 Cent (Episode 2)
Omari Hardwick (Episode 2)

*Not Beyoncé and Jay-Z, though.
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Season 13
After the 2016 that this family had, I completely understand why they closed ranks and vowed no new friends for their latest season.