Who Rachel Lindsay Should Pick Tonight, Based On Astrology

Locked away in the Bachelor mansion, Rachel Lindsay doesn’t have luxury of discussing the merits of Eric Bigger, Bryan Abasolo, and Peter Kraus with her friends over mimosas at brunch. In times of such isolation, Rachel should turn to the precise science of astrology as an emotional compass.
When it comes to determining whether two people are astrologically destined to be together, sun sign compatibility isn't actually as accurate as you might think. It's far better to look at two individuals' Venus, or love, signs. The Venus sign determines how a person gives and receives love, and what they're looking for in a relationship.
With both her sun and Venus in Taurus, Rachel Lindsay is as just about as steady as they come. As is typical for individuals born with a Venus in Taurus, Rachel is extremely sensual, and bonds with partners through touch. She’s more practical than she is romantic, and goes about pursuing relationships with an end goal of commitment.
Given Rachel's Taurus ways, which suitor is her starry destiny? We'll investigate.
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Peter Kraus

Birthday: November 27, 1985
Sun sign: Sagittarius
Venus sign: Scorpio

There’s a cosmic knot at the center of Peter and Rachel’s relationship, and someone’s going to have to compromise if they want to unravel it. Whereas Rachel wants to end the journey with an extremely heavy ring on her finger, Peter would feel more comfortable if they continued to date.

Had Peter and Rachel read their compatibility chart, they would’ve known a fundamental misunderstanding like that would arise between them. People born with Venus in Scorpio are incredibly magnetic — partly because they keep their true emotions shrouded in an aura of mystery. While loyal and committed, it’s hard for Peter to throw himself fully into a relationship that he worries will grow boring. But Rachel, with a Venus in Taurus, was born for a stable and committed relationship.

As is warned of this pairing, Peter finds Rachel’s needs — sudden engagement — far too simple. Rachel finds Peter’s needs — dating and more dating — far too complex. Venus in Scorpio are averse to predictability in the same way Venus in Taurus want predictability.

But if Rachel and Peter are able to unravel the knot and overcome each of their sign’s natural stubbornness, there’s hope for them. Both hold onto relationships with tenacity. Both are intensely passionate, and willing to go the distance.

The biggest hurdle for Rachel and Peter is communicating their hopes for a relationship. Peter, the Venus in Scorpio, will yearn to rock the boat a bit before entirely settling down into a happy existence with his practical Venus in Taurus.
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Eric Bigger

Birthday: March 9, 1988
Sun sign: Pisces
Venus sign: Taurus

Ding ding ding. We have a “perfect” match. Eric and Rachel were both born with their love signs in Taurus. It’s no surprise, then, that Eric looks at Rachel's family life as his ultimate life goal. People with Venus in Taurus source stability from relationships. When it comes to dating, they’d prefer happy predictability to unceasing drama. In fact, their similar approach to relationships is something Rachel intuited. During their one-on-one date, Rachel said, “You remind me so much of myself.”

The only issue? While people born with Taurus in Venus are stalwart and steady, they’re also slower in starting relationships. That much is true with Rachel and Eric’s relationship, which has taken weeks to warm up. For the first time, Eric is letting himself fall in love. It’s just taken him some time to get to this point.

If Eric and Rachel do stay together, their relationship will be full of cuddling and commitment and having things in common. They’ll stock their kitchen with delicious food and laze about through days of simple luxuries. Eric and Rachel are on the same page in the sense that they enjoy each other — but if Rachel is craving fireworks, she won’t get it here.
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Bryan Abasolo

Birthday: February 15, 1980
Sun sign: Aquarius
Venus sign: Aries

Now for the moment of truth. We know what Rachel Lindsay likes: French kissing Bryan, being sweet talked by Bryan, rappelling off buildings with Bryan. But is what Rachel likes good for her?

Bryan was born with Venus in Aries, so he’s practically a professional in the pursuit phase of the relationship. For Bryan, it’s all about the chase. Judging by his mother’s comment during hometown visits, he’s chased quite a few other women. Each around time, he’s confident he’ll win over the object of his affection — and that’s exactly what happened with Rachel.

Once Bryan is under the spell of a new partner, he jumps into the emotional experience of desire totally and completely. He runs the risk, though, of coming off as naive to more rational folk. Think back to Bryan’s initial cringeworthy meeting with Rachel’s family.

How does Rachel mesh with this ball of sweet-talking excitement? The Venus in Taurus and Venus in Aries pairing is so hot it’ll start a fire. The Venus in Aries is likely to be the initiator and leader of the relationship. After all, Bryan was the first person who kissed Rachel. Not that Rachel minds Bryan’s aggressive approach. A passive Venus in Taurus, Rachel was all too happily seduced. As she said after their first kiss, “He just took it upon himself to take me in his arms and kiss me. I was not ready for it and did not want to kiss anybody tonight – but boy did I love it.”

So long as Bryan remains interested in the relationship, he’ll be pursuing Rachel at 100 miles an hour. But who knows how long the chase phase lasts?
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So, who wins?

Based on their love signs, all three pairings have different joys and difficulties. Rachel and Peter are drawn together like two intense magnets, but use a different vocabulary to express love. Rachel and Eric almost have too much in common, running the risk of a dull relationship. And dating Bryan is literally playing with fire.

In the end, we should temper the (strangely accurate) love sign readings with what we know of Rachel Lindsay’s personality. She likes an affectionate, passionate individual. She likes excitement and adventure, even if she can’t conjure it up herself.

This brings us to the obvious: Bryan Abasolo. Whatever your opinions of Bryan are, the stars are telling the truth here. By committing to a Venus in Aries, Rachel thinks she’s guaranteed a lifetime of attraction and excitement — which is true, of course, until Bryan gets bored. As of now, though, she and Bryan are still in the bright, shiny, and new phase of their relationship.

So convincing is Bryan's Aries art of seduction that we predict Rachel will abandon her impulse towards a cozy life and choose him. Even if, in the end, Peter's Scorpio intensity is a steadier burn, Rachel Lindsay wants a fire. She'll get it with Bryan. It's in the stars.
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