The 10 Essential Watermelon Products Your Summer NEEDS

August 3rd not only brings us one step closer to Friday and our plans for the first weekend in August. It also happens to be National Watermelon Day, in honor of the juicy, delicious fruit that every summer celebration needs. Of all the food holidays, this particular occasion feels seasonally on point. Watermelons are sweet summertime incarnate; bright, juicy, cool, and refreshing to bite into on a hot day. Whether you like it chilled, frozen, fresh off the rind, or squeezed into your cocktail, your summer needs watermelon. We seriously can't get enough of its bright, fruity flavor.
Our obsession is so intense that each year during these sunny months the internet community bands together in viral watermelon fandom to discuss the best cutting, cubing, juicing, and kegging tips and tricks. Although we appreciate munching on a freshly cut melon, we love a good food hack even more. However, we've already rounded up and tested out the majority of available methods out there — so we are going to celebrate this high, holy fruit holiday with some extreme watermelon essentials.
Ahead, we dip into the ten products that will cure even the most severe case of melon-mania this summer, including your highly curated corers, slicers, and juicers, to even the red and green-themed plates to place your slices on and the melon-shaped cooler bag in which to carry your juicy cubes. Looking to craft a watermelon keg? There are a tapper and some melon-mixers just for that. We've even thrown in a few whimsical treats too: sugared gummy slices, popsicle molds, and more. So scroll on for the ten products that will cover any and all of your summer watermelon needs. You may even want to order them all at once, in one fell swoop (using express overnight shipping) for a major melon bash.