Here's How To Find The Entire Siesta Key Cast On Instagram

Photo: Courtesy of MTV.
MTV is trying to catch lightning in a bottle once more with brand new reality show Siesta Key. The docuseries hails from Laguna Beach producer Mark Ford, and attempts to offer up another addictive look at ridiculously rich, seaside young people with other ridiculously rich, seaside friends. Only this time, 13 years after we first met Lauren Conrad, the stars of this show were raised on social media.
The omnipotence of Instagram and Twitter has been a blessing and curse for Siesta Key. While the series benefits from looking like a gorgeous long-form Instagram story, social media has mired the show in controversy. Star Alex Kompothecras has admitted to being friends with a man who allegedly appears in a now-viral video of a high-speed boat brutally dragging a shark. While Alex denies personally being in the horrifying video, the MTV star has reportedly received death threats as a result of it. A premiere screening was canceled in response, and even Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent chimed in on the commotion. Spoiler alert: the animal rights activist is none too happy with Alex or MTV.
Of course, all of this means everyone is looking to see how the stars of Siesta Key represent themselves on Instagram. Scroll through the gallery to learn where you can find the cast on The Gram and what exactly they're posting, be it positive or cringe-worthy.
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Alex Kompothecras: The Leading Man

Instagram: @alex_kompo

Most of the drama around Siesta Key finds its roots in Alex’s social circle and Instagram page, so we should probably deal with the the so-called reality TV “stud’s” page first. While he is reportedly absent from the now-viral shark-dragging video, Alex does have a few of his own alarming posts. One 2013 image of caught fish includes the caption “#ikillfish,” with the addition of an emoji gun pointing at an emoji tropical fish. That same year he also grinned for the camera next to a blood-smeared deer corpse. The next year he happily posed next to a lineup of dead fish, writing, “Team #murdermurder does it again.”

Alex hasn’t exactly ditched his gory Instagram aesthetic — he crouched over a seemingly dead alligator as recently as October 2016 — but, he’s apparently trying to MTV-ify his ‘gram vibes. Alex’s latest upload starred Jersey Shore alum Vinny Guadagnino, and most of the Siesta Key “heartthrobs” posts prior to that snap are promo photos for his show.
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DJ Pauly Apostolides: Alex’s Cousin Who Has No Resemblance To Pauly D From Jersey Shore

Instagram: @NewGuyPaulyPaul

Alex’s cousin Pauly is absolutely nothing like Jersey Shore MVP member Pauly D, despite the new reality star’s name, profession, and home network. There's no comparison to be made here at all. The Siesta Key Pauly’s Instagram is filled with proof he owns expensive cars, promotional photos for both his gigs and TV show, and snapshots of him partying with both scantily-clad women and various bros alike.

Sometimes, however, Pauly also brandishes a gun.
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Chloe Trautman: The Alpha Female

Instagram: @ChloeTrautman

Alex’s BFF Chloe’s Instagram is exactly what you would expect from the burgeoning reality TV star. You’ll find Snapchat-approved puppy-filtered selfies, lots of bikini photos, and a ton of American flag support on the Florida woman’s Instagram account.

Although Chloe’s ‘gram stylings are pretty much a Victoria’s Secret PINK catalogue come to life, even she can’t avoid the nautical fish gore theme plaguing the Siesta Key cast.
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Juliette Porter: The One Made For Reality TV

Instagram: @JulietteP0rter

Juliette burst onto the scene as Alex’s former summer fling, who seems to want something much more well defined this time around (she also narrates the show). In the Siesta Key premiere, she ends up demanding to know who gorgeous newbie Kelsey Owens is, having a passive aggressive-to-regular-aggressive conversation with Alex’s ex Madisson Hausburg, and getting carried around on Alex’s shoulder. If we’re being honest, Juliette was going to find her way onto reality TV one day, whether it was through Siesta Key or a future season of the Real Housewives saga.

Juliette looks as Bravo-ready as ever on Instagram, with tons of perfectly-posed photos of her real-life friends and sorority sisters. If you’re looking for bikini inspiration, or a guide to college-sponsored cultural appropriation, this is a one-stop shop. Plus, you can get a peek at Juliette and Alex’s romance before cameras were ever involved.
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Madisson Hausburg: The Nice One

Instagram: @MadissonHaus

Speaking of Juliette's supposed romantic rival Madisson, the recent college graduate's Instagram proves she doesn’t need any Siesta Key love triangle drama. Since filming wrapped on the MTV series, she’s found herself a cute boyfriend named Grant, and they take adorable photos all over the place. They celebrate birthdays together. They ring in New Year’s together. They even wear wigs together.

Now, this is a ship I can get behind. Here’s to Madisson and Grant, long may they reign.
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Kelsey Owens: The Model

Instagram: @TheKelseyOwens

Kelsey is beautiful, her Instagram is beautiful, everything is beautiful. Plus, the account proves Kelsey is a real model who’s been to the real Paris, France.
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Garrett Miller: The Abs, I mean, The Outsider

Instagram: @GBaby00

Kelsey’s boyfriend, who went to high school with the main Siesta Key crew, gets the least amount of screen time in the show's pilot, but the trailer proves the personal trainer actually plays a huge role in the drama this season. If Garret’s Instagram is a preview for what’s to come for the buff Florida guy in upcoming episodes, assume he will never, ever wear a shirt on camera.
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Brandon Gomes: The Laid Back One

Instagram: @BG_Gomes

Guys, Brandon just wants to chill, and that applies to his Instagram too. The ridiculously photogenic dude can be caught looking handsomely sleepy in countless photos, flaunting his many abs, and capturing dope sunsets. Sometimes he even does all three at the same time.

I promise Brandon never deviates from his winning Instagram rules.
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