The Juicy New Teen Wolf Final Season Trailer, Explained

Photo: Courtesy of MTV.
The end is officially nigh for Teen Wolf. Sunday night, the MTV blockbuster kicked off finale season 6B, which will run for just 10 episodes. The premiere episode, "Said The Spider To The Fly," has all the great Teen Wolf hallmarks, including werewolf lacrosse games, EDM-tuned supernatural battles in dark high-school hallways, and awkward Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) moments. Thankfully, the episode also gave us a sneak peak at what's the come for season 6B.
The post-premiere "Supertease Trailer," revealed the end won't be easy for Scott McCall's pack, since it's filled with blood, screaming, and reminders our favorite characters probably won't make it out alive. Sadly, all of that happens in less than a minute-and-a-half, so the clip is basically a dimly-light information overload.
To get to bottom of what we're actually seeing in the video, we investigated the entire teaser trailer down to the quickest blink-and-you'll miss it frames. Scroll through the gallery to get the details on all the biggest spoilers hiding in the video. Then, pray to the nearest werejaguar god that Scott (Tyler Posey) and his pack survive.
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The Scott-Malia Hookup News Lives Up To The Hype

Some of the biggest news out of San Diego Comic-Con 2017 was the reveal Scott and pack member Malia (Hale) Tate (Shelley Hennig) would be hooking up in the finale season, despite the fact Malia was originally Scott’s BFF Stiles’ longterm girlfriend. The teaser gives fans a taste of the burgeoning couple’s tryst, showing the pair looking very naked in a shower, as promised. They also make out in Scott’s room, because this isn’t going to be a one-time thing.

Color us intrigued.
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Three Former Big Bads Will Return

As Teen Wolf comes to an end, it’s no surprise the series wants to pay homage to the many amazing villains it has introduced over the years. As we mentioned last week, Argent family patriarch Gerard Argent (Michael Hogan) will return to terrorize Scott’s pack with a crew of ruthless hunters bent on murdering every supernatural creature in Beacon Hills. Gerard began fulfilling that promise in 6B premiere "Said The Spider To The Fly," as an Argent family bullet casing was found next to the seemingly dead body of newbie hellhound Halwyn (Casey Deidrick). But Gerard won’t remain a shadowy figuring in coming episodes, as the trailer reveals.

Gerard will directly taunt Scott and his friends, as he declares in the trailer, "The dogs of war, Scott, they’re coming for you."

But, Gerard isn’t the only sadistic Argent headed back to Beacon Hills. His daughter Kate Argent (Jill Wagner) will also return after being revealed as a werejaguar in season 4 and disappearing in that season’s finale. In the trailer Kate asks someone, "Hey, handsome, miss me?"

On top of all that, season 3 villain Jennifer Blake (Haley Webb) — a.k.a. Julia Baccari a.k.a. The Darach — also pops up in the trailer. Her aims are unknown, although she does run into an unknown wereteen inside of Beacon Hills High School.
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The "Guidance Counselor" Will Become Much More Important This Season

Never, ever trust a new BHHS employee. Ms. Blake was the Darach. Mr. Douglas (Pete Ploszek) was a damn werelion Nazi. And now the newest guidance counselor, Tamora Monroe (Sibongile Mlambo) is one of those dangerous new hunters infiltrating Beacon Hills.

While Tamora seemed uncomfortable murdering a hellhound in the 6B premiere, the trailer proves she’s going to get used to violence quite quickly. At one point, someone shoots Scott inside of Beacon Hills High. The silhouette of the shooter is an exact match for Ms. Monroe, down to the shape of her hair. In a more obvious and confirmed moment of villainy, we see the counselor electrocuting returned werewolves Ethan (Charlie Carver) and Jackson (Colton Haynes) in a dungeon.
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The Faceless Is "Amplifying Their Fear," According To Lydia

The trailer shows everyone in town melting down, including Deputy Parrish (Ryan Kelley) shooting at what we can assume is nothing, Scott’s mom Melissa McCall (Melissa Ponzio) running for her life, and newbie character, and likely monster-hating hunter, Nolan (Froy Gutierrez) sprinting away from a stunned Lydia Martin (Holland Roden).

You might be wondering why everyone is somehow acting even crazier than usual in the already bonkers Beacon Hills. We can blame the looming threat "The Faceless," as the Teen Wolf writers call the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired villain, for that. Lydia explains in the trailer the baddie is "in here" with the pack, even when they can’t see it, hinting The Faceless has completely infected Beacon Hills with its anxiety-ridden malevolence.
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There Will Be Blood

The intersection of the hunters and the fear-amplifying Faceless will lead to a blood-soaked Beacon Hills. In less than a minute and 15 seconds we spy the town’s name written in blood, a random pool of blood inching towards Scott, and a man dragging his own bloody body across a hospital floor. No wonder Lydia says in the clip, "None of us are going to survive this."
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Liam’s Season 6B Is About To Get Worse

The premiere gives us rising senior Liam Dunbar (Dylan Sprayberry) at his lowest, as the beta werewolf’s girlfriend has moved away, and he’s terrified of pack leader Scott leaving him alone to protect their entire insane town. Unfortunately, things are only going to get bloodier and more painful for Liam.

One frame of the video shows an unidentified wereteen screaming and digging his claws into his own eyes as blood pours down his face. Since the teen wolf’s hands are coving his face, it’s hard to figure out who’s inflicting so much harm to themselves — but, identifying the supernatural creature isn’t impossible. The werewolf in question has a unique set of bottom teeth, which just so happen to match Sprayberry’s chompers. The young man in the frame is also wearing a similar green jacket to the one Liam is seen wearing earlier in the video.

Let’s hope the unsettling frame is dream sequence of sorts for Liam, as we get a peak at a room full of werewolves who also seemingly gauged their own eyes out, likely due to the influence of The Faceless. All four men are dead.
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That’s Brett Running Around With An Arrow Through His Chest

At one point later in the trailer, someone is seen running at full speed with an arrow through their body. While it’s smart to guess the injured party is a core member of Scott’s pack, it’s actually Devenford Prep lacrosse player and werewolf Brett Talbot (Cody Saintgnue). This is further proof the hunters are trying to murder every single supernatural creature in Beacon Hills, since the lax player is both peaceful and barely affiliated with Scott’s pack.
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Nothing Can Kill A Hellhound

At the close of "Spider To The Fly," it seems Tamora killed new hellhound Halwyn, which shocked Scott, Lydia, and Malia since it shouldn’t be possible to murder that specific supernatural creature — even with a special Argent-made bullet. The trailer proves the Scooby Gang’s hunch was correct, as Halwyn can be spotted entering an MRI machine with a bullet wound still visible in his head. Despite the supposedly deadly kill shot, he’s clearly very much alive and growling.

At least that means Halwyn might eventually be able to shed some light on what The Faceless is.
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Also, Nothing Can Seemingly Kill The Faceless

We get a few glimpse at the The Faceless throughout the trailer, and it is absolutely horrifying. The threat looks like a body that’s been stripped of its flesh, and we haven’t even seen its non-face yet. In the clip, Parrish explodes into a ball of flames during a run-in with The Faceless, Malia attacks it with her claws, and an unknown new character vomits a bunch of spiders on the villain. Nothing seems to work.