A Scientific Ranking Of The Game Of Thrones Man Buns

After seven years on television, Game Of Thrones is famous for many things. The HBO fantasy epic ushered in the trope of sexposition. It's given us some of the greatest battle scenes on TV. And we've got Thrones to thank for the perfect character that is Lyanna Mormont. On top of all of that, the drama has helped make man buns A Thing.
While watching Thrones, it's hard not to wonder which Westerosi hipster turned the men's hairstyle into such a big trend — we've seen it pop up everywhere from the Wall to the Dothraki Sea. Although we could wait for HBO to make that spin-off, right now, all we can do is simply appreciate the man buns appearing all over the series. So, it's the perfect time to rank all the dude buns the series has been graced with.
Scroll through the gallery to find out who in the Seven Kingdoms (and beyond) wins this throne.
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Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Bronn (Jerome Flynn)

Here’s the thing with Bronn Of The Blackwater: it definitely looks like he’s rocking a man bun, half-up, half-down combo a lot of the time. The front of his hair is always pulled to the back, with the bottom strands hanging down on his shoulders.

Yet, after careful investigation, it seems there is no actual man bun to be found. Bronn has apparently found the only jar of gel in the Seven Kingdoms, and has managed to consistently slick back his hair every single day. Lies! Sad!
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Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Thoros Of Myr (Paul Kaye)

Thoros hasn’t taken a shower in approximately five seasons and uses his man bun to cover up a quickly progressing receding hairline. These ingredients tend to make the worst hairstyles for anyone.

This man bun only comes ahead of Bronn’s because Thoros’ isn’t a lie.
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Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Bran Stark, Maybe? (Isaac Hempstead-Wright)

Bran has yet to appear in a single season 7 promotional image. Can we blame all of this secrecy on Game Of Thrones’ desire to unveil a brand new Bran style for 2017? Considering all of actor Hempstead-Wright’s recent appearances, he definitely has the makings of a baby man bun. A boy bun? And anything would be better than Thoros' hair pile.

Nothing is out of the question until Thrones returns on Sunday, July 16.
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Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Tormund (Kristofer Hivju)

The fan-favorite Wildling has yet to rock a man bun on Game Of Thrones itself, which is a shame. Tormund clearly has enough hair for the style and spends all of his time with man bun extraordinaire, Jon "I Am My Hair, My Hair Is Me" Snow (Kit Harington).

But, he ranks this high on the list for his stellar man bun outside of Westeros. Tormund’s portrayer, Norwegian actor Kristofer Hivju, sported a perfect man bun on the Game Of Thrones season 6 premiere red carpet, complete with his signature humongous red beard. The men of Westeros officially have something to learn from Hivju.
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Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage)

Tyrion hasn’t worn a man bun in Game Of Thrones either, but Peter Dinklage’s real-life man bun is literally Emmy Award winning.
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Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Jon Snow (Kit Harington)

There are things you can’t talk about without bringing up Jon Snow: depressed pouts, knowing nothing, and A-plus man buns. The new style first appeared on the newly-minted King In The North when he was resurrected by Melisandre in season 6’s "Home."

Since Jon’s alter-ego Kit Harington had to cut his hair to sell his season 5 "death," production needed to come up with a new style to deal with Harington’s new length. The answer was a man bun and — unlike any Game Of Thrones decision ever — not a single complaint was heard.
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Daario Naharis 2.0 (Michiel Huisman)

Like Tyrion and Tormund before him, Daario’s off-screen counterpart looks alarmingly handsome off-screen with a man bun, but has never worn one on Game Of Thrones. This is an international tragedy. Look at this beautiful, beautiful GIF! Jon Snow’s pout would intensify seven-fold if he saw Huisman's far superior man bun.
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Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa)

Jon’s man bun might be famous, and Michiel Huisman’s might be glorious, but we had to give the ultimate kudos to the original Thrones man bun star, Khal Drogo. His super man bun will always be the true sun and stars of Westeros and Essos, no matter how long it’s been since his death.