Here's How Your Favorite Stars Celebrated Father's Day

Photo: Courtesy of Pete Souza/The White House.
Father's Day is here, folks — and if your dad is the most awesome dad you've ever met, you probably started furiously reading "What To Buy Your Cool Dad" lists before June even began because you definitely didn't just buy those whiskey rocks last night, did you? If your relationship with pops is less-than-stellar, though, you have every right to scale back to a card — or nothing at all. And what about those of us who have lost our most-awesome-dads-we've-ever-met? Well, we have a few choices.
We can hide under the covers until Monday. We can buy ourselves a damn tie. We can get presents for our dad pals and fathers-in-law. We can even get ourselves those expensive whiskey rocks — and a hell of a lot of whiskey to go with them. We can re-watch Kramer vs. Kramer and try not to cry. (What, your dad wasn't an unabashed Hoffman fan too?) Or, we can do all of the above before sitting back, scrolling forward, and letting the balm that is celebrity dads on social media soothe our souls.
Celebs we love are out in full force this year, posting adorable pics of their dads and baby-daddies alike, and getting down to the real talk about the impact that father figures of all kinds — even those who are no longer with us — make on our lives. Seriously, read Lena Dunham's post about her dad being by her side in sickness and in health if you want a good cry.
Whether you're at dinner with your dad right now or toasting to his memory, click through for a few photographic reminders that exemplary fatherhood is alive and well — even in Hollywood.
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Photo: Courtesy of @michelleobama / Instagram.
In the wise words of a five-year-old, "Where did Barack Obama go? Why do we have another president? Why did he go? Where did he go?"
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Photo: Courtesy of @Behatiprinsloo / Instagram.
We can question Adam Levine's opinions on makeup all we want, but ain't nobody questioning his love for little Dusty Rose.
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Photo: Courtesy of @praisethelourd / Instagram.
Billie Lourd may be missing her mama, but at least she's got plenty of dad support in her court.
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Photo: Courtesy of @gigihadid / Instagram.
Yeah yeah, Gigi Hadid's dad brings her "love and laughter" and all that, but can we talk about his fist-bump game and seriously trendy shades?
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Happy Fathers Day 💙

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Photo: Courtesy of @kimkardashian / Instagram.
Kanye doesn't smile often, but when he does, it's for the kiddos.
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My favorite person.

A post shared by Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling) on

Photo: Courtesy of @mindykaling / Instagram.
With a smile like that, how could Mindy's dad NOT be her favorite person?
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Dad - a sons first hero, a daughters first love #happyfathersday

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Photo: Courtesy of @sarahmgellar / Instagram.
Sure, the forever '90s prom king and queen and their kids do enjoy the occasional fake weather, but their love as a family is as real as it gets.
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Photo: Courtesy of @Justintimberlake / Instagram.
JT and JB, parents of the world's second-cutest toddler named Silas, really know how to make it look easy. And it's clear Timberlake is a straight-up great dad. But the real star of this Father's Day post is the hashtag.