How Will Orphan Black End? These Theories Have The Best Answers

Orphan Black is the kind of show that has people wondering how it's all going to end within the first moments of the series premiere. But, now that the BBC sci-fi thriller just began its finale season, the Internet is buzzing more than ever, wondering how the drama will end. Not only are viewers questioning the general theories of Orphan, they're questioning what the final few seconds will reveal.
All this rampant speculation makes sense, as the Tatiana Maslany-led cult favorite was built to generate fan theories. What else would a show involving multiple clones, conspiracy theories, and secret scientific experiments do? After over 40 episodes, viewers still have no idea why the clone club was even created.
With all these mysteries still hanging around in Orphan's goodbye season, we investigated all the best series finale theories on the Internet. Take a look at the gallery to find out how the superfan minds of Reddit and Tumblr believe the game will end. Saturday, August 12, can't get here fast enough.
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Photo: Courtesy of the BBC.
We’ll Find Out The Clones Are Super Soldiers

The military obviously had a hand in Projects Leda and Castor, which created the Orphan clones and their male counterparts. The exact reason is still a question mark, but what if we find out the scientific experiments that led to the clone club’s existence was all a part of a super soldier program? Tumblr user @Cosima-Brickhaus makes a solid argument.

Everything would have begun in Europe during the cold war, amid "political turmoil and warfare" as "soldiers were wanted" more than ever, the Internet denizen explains. With the "predisposition to heal quickly" and inability to get pregnant, the clones would be more than valuable in the battle friend as well.

Well, this would all be one hell of a finale reveal.
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We’ll Meet Another Clone Cluster

What if there’s Leda and Castor and Vulpes? Tumblr user @ThaBenMan noticed a number of fox motifs throughout Orphan Black season 4 and believes the coincidence is more than just a reference to the clone club outsmarting their enemies. Fox is "Vulpes" in Latin.

"In Rachel’s visions, you can see in the mysterious encampment a couple people with red hair (sorry, I can’t find any screen captures)," he explains. "Maybe all of the foxes are foreshadowing hints at something, another experiment — another clone line or otherwise — altered subjects with red hair."

Season 5 could easily end on a cliffhanger, revealing there’s more to this conspiracy than fans will ever know.
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There’s A Small Bit Of Happiness In The Finale

While most finale speculation is mired in paranoia and death, there’s also a little bit of positivity. "OB series finale: Cosima and Delphine get married and adopt Charlotte," @MahoganyMirror theorizes about Orphan’s most star-crossed lovers and the youngest clone. We can only dream.
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Cosima Will Not Die

This theory adds some credence to the idea Cophine will get married at the end of Orphan Black.

"I'm nearly 100% certain Cosima will live," Reddit user @TheFrstQuestion writes. "After all the uproar about lesbians dying on TV, I don't think the writers would do that, especially considering how much concern they put into positive LGBT representation."
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Rachel, However, Will Die

Everyone is really onboard with the demise of Rachel. "I think Rachel will die next season, all the ‘big bads’ of past seasons have ended up dead," @Ledaswans reminds everyone.
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More Clones Will Die Too

Tatiana Maslany promised some clones will come to a tragic end in the series finale. Since no one would call villain Rachel’s death "tragic," a beloved character must be dying too. Reddit user @LabeSonofNat writes in a lengthy prediction post MK is the most likely to perish, followed by Charlotte.
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There’s One More (Very Famous) Clone

What is Orphan Black ends in the most meta fashion possible? One Tumblr user would love to see that. @FabulousAnima imagines the remaining Clone Club members will reconvene at Felix’s home after all the drama of the series finale, celebrating the fact "it’s finally over."

But, it’s not. "Felix says from the couch where he’s watching TV, ‘Oh look there’s another,” the Tumblr user predicts. "And the clones all come see what he’s looking at and he goes, 'Yeah apparently this one’s an actress.' And it’s an E! network interview with Tatiana as Tatiana”

Few things would be more perfect than that.
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Photo: Courtesy of the BBC.
It Was All A Dissociative Fugue

The Friends was all in Phoebe's imagination finale theory is making the Internet rounds once again. Certain Orphan Black fans have a similar idea for the sci-fi drama’s finale.

"Drama and hilarity ensues and you think the episode’s over as it fades to black, however, right as you think it is done you see Sarah wake up in a hospital bed, with a bracelet that says 'Mental Health Patient: Dissociative Identity Disorder' on her wrist," Tumblr user @Cosimaslany predicts. "She yells about Alison and Cosima and all the other ‘clones,’ but the doctors quickly rush in, tell her that it’s not real, and sedate her. Then the episode ends."

Talk about a gut punch.