Your Summer '17 Anthems Await On These Stellar Albums

OPENER/FB: Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
Summer is nothing without good music. Whether it be a party in the Hamptons, a cookout in your own backyard, a chill day at the beach, a night of clubbing, or simply lounging around the house to avoid the heat — you need a vibe. Music is always the best supplier of that. To this day, “Bills, Bills, Bills” takes me back to the summer before 6th grade.
To keep you well-rounded and ahead of the curve, I’ve gathered up the albums — some you’ve probably already heard, and others unreleased — that are sure to contain the bangers you'll groove to for all of summer ‘17. Getting ready for a night on the town? Hanging out with friends at home? Spending some alone time in seclusion, enjoying the breeze? I have a joint for you. Look no further than these artists and their recent projects for your summer anthem needs.
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SZA - Ctrl

Even when the weather is nice, life goes on with all of its ups and downs. When others are day-partying, we might find ourselves heartbroken and wanting to be alone with our thoughts. I recommend still heading outdoors, sitting in a park or by the water, and blasting “Drew Barrymore” in your headphones.
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Drake - Too Much Life

Listen, I’m not a Drake fan. But I do like “Passionfruit,” and have found that it is the perfect background music when my homegirls and I are gathered around my living room discussing whether or not his nice-guy act is genuine or just super corny. I’m casting my vote for the latter, I don’t care how dreamy you think he is.
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Little Dragon - Season High

People who love a good “vibe” would argue that Little Dragon has been delivering them consistently for a while now. “Celebrate,” from their new album is a testament to this. It serves perfect Prince-tribute funk, and should be played as you’re getting dressed to go to any party this summer.
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2 Chainz - Pretty Girls Like Trap Music (June 16)

Your club banger is going to be on this album…10 times over. You can’t start with “Big Amount” or the smoother “It’s A Vibe,” because…well, self-explanatory.
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Lorde - Melodrama (June 16)

When you’re ready to get over your ex (trust me, the summer is the best time to be single), blast “Green Light” on your way out to party. I don’t recommend you hang out of the window of your Uber like Lorde does in the video, though.
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DJ Khaled - Grateful (June 23)

Another one. The 10th to be exact. DJ Khaled’s latest studio album is accompanied by the release of a pair of special edition Air Jordan 3s. It also features his single “Shining” with Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Get your new kicks and two-step to this at a cookout.
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Sevyn Streeter - Girl Disrupted (July 7)

Are there any lovers in the house? Sevyn Streeter has the soundtrack for a fun but romantic night out. Her single “Fallen” is perfect for the nightcap.
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TLC - TLC (June 30)

If their first single is any indication, TLC’s new album is the kind of pop that’s perfect for a summer road trip. I can already hear you and your friends singing “Haters” at the top of your lungs while cruising down the interstate.
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Calvin Harris - Funky Wav Bounces Vol. 1 (June 30)

The title of this album itself is a vibe. But we already have the producer's collaboration with Migos and Frank Ocean, “Slide,” as confirmation.
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Beyoncé - Beyoncé

Yes, still. Do you feel any different when you hear “***Flawless”? I didn’t think so.