Did You Notice This In The Bachelorette Contestant Bios?

In what Chris Harrison will surely dub The Biggest Reveal In Bachelorette History, ABC officially released the list of 31 men who will duke it out for Rachel Lindsay's affection this season. As you can probably imagine, members of Bachelor Nation wasted no time whipping out their collective magnifying glasses to dissect every last detail about the potential suitors. The diversity! The muscles! The relatively low number of Macklemore haircuts!
But let's be real for a second. What we all really want to know is the contestants' back stories. Is there anyone with hot head tendencies, like the notorious Chad Johnson? A sensitive side, a la Wells Adams? A history that will tug at our heartstrings, like Luke Pell?
While no one — save for Reality Steve — knows for sure, there is one small way to make an estimated guess: Look at their tattoos. After all, every piece of ink has a story. And — to borrow another Harrison hyperbole — this might be most tatted-up group in Bachelor history, based solely on what we can see peeking out of their very bad, perfectly fitted shirts and the confessions in their bios.
Click ahead to see all the body art you can expect to see in the hot tub this season. Who knows, it might just hint at something to come...
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According to his bio, Will actually has a plethora of tattoos — including a cross on his back, angel wings on his shoulder, a phrase — TBD on what it is — on his chest, and a battle cross on his ribs.
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Blake E., the man who loves Fifty Shades of Grey and red roses, apparently has a softer side: The tattoo on his left arm is the letter "D," for the dog he rescued. (Aw.) Given his drummer aspirations, it also makes sense that he has "LRLL" tacked next to it.
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We'd be willing to wager Jedidiah is a man of faith: His tattoos are biblical references, like the Proverbs 3:5 across his back, as well as a cross on his wrist. Also his name is Jedidiah — which is likely a reference to the book of Samuel in the Bible.
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Ditto for Josiah, who says he has a Bible scripture etched on his chest.
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We can try to draw a couple conclusions from Lee's horseshoe tat: The singer-songwriter is either severely lucky, or he's Irish. If he wins Lindsay's heart, maybe he's both.
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Peter's body is decked out in designs like the family knot on his shoulder, a cross along on his biceps, and Ironman along his ribs. Family, morals, and strength — what more could you want in a partner?
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Milton apparently has some inner lip ink. Wonder what it could be — and whether we'll see it mid-liplock night one.
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Looks like we've found a momma's boy in Dean: He's got his mom's initials inked on his chest. It's one of a string of other tattoos scattered on his body, like a piece of artwork on his back, a friend's initials on his back, the word "Righteous" on his inner lip (another lip tat!), Latin on his hip, and Zelda's Triforce on his inner arm. Hope he knows there's no Nintendo in the house.
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Kenny's got a Japanese Kanji tattoo that means "fearless" marked on his shoulder, plus a cross on his right arm and a caveman along his chest.
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While we couldn't tell you exactly what tattoo is placed on Bryce's ribcage, his bio does state it's a tribute to his brothers. Will we meet them on hometown dates? Only time will tell.
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The scripture you'll find on Michael's right arm reads, "Let us love not in word or speech but in truth and action." That attitude will serve him well in the house.
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Jamey is actually in the process of laser tattoo removal of some ink on his left shoulder. Here's hoping it's not the name of his ex, or things on the show could get weird.
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