Pitch Perfect's Cast Can't Stop Instagramming Their Group Vacation To Mexico

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images.
The cast of Pitch Perfect 3 has finished filming, but they're not sick of each other yet. In fact, they're such good friends that they decided to take a vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico together. "Soooo we decided we love each other so much, we had to go on a holiday x #bellas4life," Rebel Wilson, who plays Patricia "Fat Amy," said on Instagram.
Along with Wilson, the crew in vacation mode included Anna Kendrick, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, Chrissie Fit, Kelley Jackle, and Shelley Regner. Their snaps are making all of us incredibly jealous that they're on a warm beach in Mexico while many of us are still shivering. But it's seriously adorable that they've bonded so fully that the choose to hang out as a group outside of their job, making us more fully #TeamBellas than we already were.
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Those friends that wait for you to dive into the selfie at the last second. 🇲🇽

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Anna Kendrick, who plays lead Bella Beca, shared this photo on Insta (as did many of the other Bellas), shouting out to "those friends that wait for you to dive into the selfie at the last second." We all have those friends, and they're the great ones.
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Beach hair don't care 😎

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Anna Camp (aka Aubrey) rocks the beach hair like nobody's business.
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I'm feeling so HOT right now xx. Ps this is an orange peeled, making a dessert xx

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Wilson bravely plays with fire at Edith's Restaurant, and that dude in the back standing by with a fire extinguisher isn't alarming AT ALL.
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When ur about to get dunked by @rebelwilson but u realize ur wearing a strapless top 😜

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Like a good friend, Wilson dunked Camp in the pool, strapless top or not.
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These beach babes 😍

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Life is a beach for Chrissie Fit (who plays Flo), Kendrick, and Camp, who look like they're belting out a song. Could it be a tune from the newest film?
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#TeamBellas playing tennis. Game, set, match.
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Vacation x2 and a @luv_martha suit

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Jackle, the Bella's Jessica, models her killer floral one piece bathing suit by Luv Martha.
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Which straw is mine?! #margarita #bellasgetaway

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Regner, who plays Ashley, is eyeing this margarita built for three because what else does on do on a trip to Mexico? This photo looks suspiciously like one she posted on Cinco de Mayo, so it's safe to say Regner knows what she likes.