Your Summer Is About To Smell Like The '90s — & We're Here For It

Before we graduated to Le Labo and Tom Ford, most of our fragrances came from the stores our moms dropped us off at the mall to shop: Gap, Banana Republic, and Abercrombie. Back then, we were spritzing half a bottle of Grass head to toe every single day. And while most of our favorite perfumes have been discontinued since then, there's one brand bringing 'em back. Enter: Banana Republic’s Icon Collection.
The five scents, which launched this month, are inspired by every decade in Banana Republic's history — so you can be transported back to high school, whenever that was for you exactly. They're gender-neutral, lightweight, and pretty damn nostalgic, if you ask us. But they don't smell like teen spirit this time — more like sophisticated blends of musk, green tea, leather, and amber.
Click ahead to check out the collection — and the decade you'll be picking up on your next trip to the mall. (Hey, you could always grab one for mom while you're there.)
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This earthy scent, meant to represent the year Banana Republic was founded in 1976, is what we imagine Aidan Shaw, the sexy furniture designer from Sex and the City, would smell like. (Think freshly sanded cedar wood combined with musk and lemon.)

Banana Republic BR78 Vintage Green, $25, available in Banana Republic stores.
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Imagine this: It’s 1983. You’re lying in front of a fireplace, with a cigar in one hand and a whiskey neat in the other. (Hopefully this is not the decade you were in high school.) The smoke from the fire combines with all three — and you get this rich, sultry, leathery scent.

Banana Republic BR83 Leather Reserve, $25, available at Banana Republic stores.
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1990: The year when all you needed was a good white tee and a solid pair of Levi's. To match it, you'd reach for a scent like this: It smells like clean skin and the faint hint of lavender shampoo in your freshly washed hair.

Banana Republic BR90 Pure White, $25, available at Banana Republic.
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Ah 2006, the year Lauren Conrad moved away from Laguna Beach, we met Hannah Montana, and Facebook opened its doors to everyone (not just college students). It was also a time when you wanted a little bit of everything from your fragrance: spicy, sweet, musky, fresh. This fragrance somehow delivers with pepper, lemon, jasmine, amber, patchouli, and leather.

Banana Republic BR06 Black Platinum, $25, available at Banana Republic stores.
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So what does 2017 smell like? (Besides tears, failed promises, and sugary unicorn fraps?) Apparently cardamom, turkish rose and saffron — with a hit of white pepper and musk. It's almost pretty enough to distract you from all the CNN updates. Almost.

Banana Republic BR17 Oud Mosaic, $25, available at Banana Republic stores.
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