Your Summer Is About To Smell Like The '90s — & We're Here For It

Before we graduated to Le Labo and Tom Ford, most of our fragrances came from the stores our moms dropped us off at the mall to shop: Gap, Banana Republic, and Abercrombie. Back then, we were spritzing half a bottle of Grass head to toe every single day. And while most of our favorite perfumes have been discontinued since then, there's one brand bringing 'em back. Enter: Banana Republic’s Icon Collection.
The five scents, which launched this month, are inspired by every decade in Banana Republic's history — so you can be transported back to high school, whenever that was for you exactly. They're gender-neutral, lightweight, and pretty damn nostalgic, if you ask us. But they don't smell like teen spirit this time — more like sophisticated blends of musk, green tea, leather, and amber.
Click ahead to check out the collection — and the decade you'll be picking up on your next trip to the mall. (Hey, you could always grab one for mom while you're there.)