10 Goth-Inspired Foods To Cure Your Unicorn Fatigue

In December, we declared unicorn foods were over for 2017 — and we were very, very wrong. As it turns out, the trend was waiting for it's biggest moment yet, the Unicorn Frappuccino. And while the pastel-hued drinks continue to delight foodies and Instagrammers alike, we can't help but feel a bit of unicorn fatigue setting in. Not that we think all unicorn trends need to go the way of their animal namesake and become a thing of myth, but sometimes we need a break.
Enter goth foods. A more under-the-radar trend than it's rainbow counterparts, it provides the perfect antidote to the parade of edible technicolor. And, because with they are equal parts intriguing and delicious, goth ice cream is equally as tempting to snap a shot of as its unicorn sundae counterpart.
Ahead, nine foods that banish the rainbows and glitter of one too many unicorn lattes – no black lipstick required.
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Photo: via @mowexler.
Coconut Ash Ice Cream
Morgenstern's, known for its inventive, modern takes on ice cream, offers up a coconut ash ice cream made with actual activated charcoal.
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Photo: Courtesy of Le Coq Rico.
Black Truffle Ice Cream
At NYC's Le Coq Rico, you can order ice cream featuring both Oreo crumbles and black truffle.
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Photo: via @sophiepride.
Black Hot Dog
A popular street food market in Germany sells these hot dogs, based on a recipe that uses squid ink.
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photo: via @bobbymarc.
Almond Charcoal Soft Serve
What is it about ice cream that makes it a nature fit for goth food? Another creamery, Little Damage in L.A., recently released a limited-edition soft serve also made with charcoal.
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Photo: via @littleghostbagels.
Squid Ink Bagels
London-based Little Ghost Bagels' motto is the very goth "Hail Satan, Eat Bagels."
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Photo: Courtesy of Kitchenaid.
Matte Appliances
A non-edible goth kitchen item, KitchenAid's matte black standing mixer is so beloved, the company will extend the line to include smaller appliances starting in July.
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Photo: via @beyondsushi.
Black Rice Sushi
At Beyond Sushi, dishes are 100% vegan and may come with black rice.
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Activated Charcoal Lemonade
Pressed's line of cold-pressed juices include a rainbow of colors, including a jet-black lemonade made with, once again, charcoal.
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Photo: Courtesy of Breville.
Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine
The goth trend seems especially appropriate for our first caffeine of the day and Nespresso's all-black coffee maker lets us sip in style.
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Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks.
Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino
While it's equally likely that Starbucks just wanted to release a cooling mint flavor for summer, to many, the latest limited-edition frappuccino release seemed targeted at those of us with unicorn fatigue.
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