Pretty Little Liars Keeps Dropping Hints That Spencer Has A Twin

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Prepare yourself, PLL Army. Pretty Little Liars is inching towards A.D.'s endgame, and there are so many Uber A suspects out there. There's no shortage of people who could be the show's ultimate villain. There are the obvious sketchy choices, like "app developer" Lucas (Brendan Robinson), or shady Dr. Wren Kingston (Julian Morris). Then there are the dark horses that some people swear will be unmasked as this iteration of A, including Aria's soon-to-be hubby Ezra (Ian Harding) and even the seemingly deceased Charlotte (Vanessa Ray). Some people even suspect Aria (Lucy Hale), despite the many, many plot holes having the Liar as the ultimate baddie would crack open.
While a Liar might not be revealed as Uber A, there is a theory that people can't seem to let go of — and for good reason. Could Spencer (Troian Bellisario) have an evil twin?!? It sounds ludicrous on paper — especially since the series just introduced Mary Drake, aka Jessica DiLaurentis' mirror image. Would the series do the doppelganger thing again?
There's evidence that says "Hell, yes." Here are all the clues that fans uncovered that seems to suggest there's more than one Spencer running around... and that she's been the one pulling the strings this whole time.
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It's All About The Bangs

Spencer's hair style might not be what you think of when you consider clues to A.D.'s identity, but some fans were convinced that it was Spencer's twin visiting Hanna (Ashley Benson) in the cell that A.D. put her in. The reason? "Dream Spencer" was lacking bangs, even though real Spencer had been rocking the look since the time jump. (Actress Bellisario is bangs-free, which is suspicious in itself. Why did Spencer need bangs, if not to tell her apart from her twin?)
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Spencer & Hanna's Dream Convo Was Real Weird

During Hanna's convo with the dream version of Spencer, Spencer mentions "A.D." as the ultimate villain's name — even though Hanna hasn't learned that is their new moniker. (You can't dream something you don't know!) Coincidence? Not if she was speaking with Spencer's twin.
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Dr. Cochron May Have Given Us Clues

We know that Spencer is Mary's (Andrea Parker) biological daughter, as it was finally confirmed by Spencer's mom Veronica (Lesley Fara). However, there are some weird things that don't quite check out. Veronica said that she held Spencer in her arms a mere five minutes after she was born — Dr. Cochron (Keith Szarabajka), who delivered the babies, said that Mary's second child went into temporary custody with child family services. That wasn't true for Spencer... but could it have been for her secret twin?
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The Creepy Dancer In Radley

Remember Maddie Ziegler randomly showing up to dance in the children's wing of Radley in Spencer's nightmare? Literally never explained, even though Ziegler resembled Spencer as a young child. Maybe Spencer was having a vision of her twin, and the dance was going through the emotions of her living in Radley.
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The Fact That The Hastings Are Shadier Than The Lannisters

"Never turn your back on a Hastings." How many times have the Hastings family been called out for their manipulative, secretive nature? Too many times to count. Even Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) told Spencer that she had been "protecting" her "since the beginning." Could she be referring to Spencer's evil twin, lurking in the dark shadows, waiting to harm her big sis?

There's also the fact that Spencer has a history of drug abuse, and has occasionally blacked out and forgotten pretty important memories. Veronica even tells Spencer that, during Spencer's darkest times, she wasn't sure if it would be Spencer or her "evil twin" coming down for breakfast. Well... could that be because Spencer has a literal evil twin? If so, perhaps Spencer's worst behavior wasn't actually done by Spencer at all, but by a twin hoping to mess things up for the girl who got to live out her perfect life.