The New Man In Olivia Munn's Life Is, Um, Jacob Tremblay

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Look away, Packers fans. It's only been a couple of weeks since Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers announced their breakup after three years of dating, but it looks like the actress has already found a handsome young gent to spoil her rotten.
Okay, so maybe he doesn't have the brawn of an NFL quarterback, and, yes, he does still live with his parents. But hell, he's cute, he's got serious Hollywood connections, and he knows how to treat a lady. Such a shame that he's only 10.
We're referring to child actor Jacob Tremblay, who stole everyone's heart in the 2015 film Room and his subsequent cutie-pie interviews (the "Blue Steel"! the Star Wars obsession!). Now he's working his charms on Munn, his costar in the upcoming sci-fi action film The Predator, which is currently being filmed in Vancouver.
Munn plays scientist Casey Bracket in the latest follow-up to Arnold Schwarzenegger's '80s franchise, while Tremblay has been cast as the son of lead actor Boyd Holbrook's character Quinn. Trevante Rhodes, Sterling K. Brown, and Keegan-Michael Key also star in film, which is due in theaters next February.
The 36-year-old former model, gushed about Tremblay's chivalrous moves on Instagram, declaring him the "sweetest little gentleman I know."
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Via Instagram.
"Raining on the set of #thepredator but @jacobtremblay wouldn't let a drop land on me," the Office Christmas Party star captioned this adorable pic. "Sweetest little gentleman I know."

Tremblay, who has apparently moved on from former Smurfs 2 costar Sofia Vergara, responded to Munn's compliment with his own super-smooth Instagram post...
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Via Instagram.
"Only the best for the best!" he shot back, no doubt snapping his fingers as he hit send.

Munn continued to rave about his gallantry in the comments.

"It was so sweet," she wrote. "He came over and just said 'it's raining' and then held the umbrella over both of us."

Eat your heart out, Rodgers.