Which Female Rapper Represents Your Zodiac Sign?

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We’ve all heard it a thousand times: “Hip-hop is a male dominated genre.” It’s an easy assumption to make. While there are dozens of male rappers whose music stays in rotation during any given period of time, mainstream woman rappers appear to be rationed out one or two at a time. Those with urban-Instagram-model aesthetics are often prioritized by record labels, encouraging presentation over creativity.
Despite the music industry’s attempts to keep such strict parameters on them, women rappers have left their mark on the genre. Some of these rappers have helped me navigate consent, confidence, sexuality, and pride. Women who spit bars bring forth a diverse range of emotions, experiences, and personalities through their music and personas. They make up a league of their own in terms of versatility.
To fully capture this diversity, I thought it would be cool to match some of them with the astrological traits I think they most embody. Check out my list to see which female rapper matches your zodiac sign.
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Aries: Remy Ma

Represented by the ram, Aries are known to be combative, brave, a little impulsive, and proud. So when Remy, on an epic comeback after a six-year prison stint, had even the slightest inkling that Nicki Minaj was throwing shade, she unleashed the wrath of a true fire sign. The result was her no-holds-barred track “ShEther.”
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Taurus: Lil Mama

An Earth sign represented by the bull, Tauruses are known to be stubbornly persistent. No one can deny that Lil Mama fits this bill. She is the girl in hip-hop who refuses to go away, even through years of ridicule and mockery. Even today, she insists on figuring out another way in before she gives up.
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Gemini: Lil Kim

The original Queen Bee stands in for the unpredictable Gemini for a couple of reasons. First of all, I don’t think there is a single woman in hip-hop who has taken the term “switch the style” up so seriously and literally. Her style evolution since the ‘90s could fill its own museum. Not to mention, she has also been known to deliver an explosive clapback or two.
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Cancer: Foxy Brown

If we consider the anatomy of a crab — which represents Cancer — with a hard exterior protecting a softer inside, you’ll get why Foxy Brown is the female rapper equivalent. A Brooklyn native, Fox’s style is rough — guns and violence make regular appearances — but the deeper content is often drenched in deep introspective musings about her life. Foxy Brown was an emo rapper before Drake even made it as wheelchair Jimmy.
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Leo: Cardi B.

Cardi is loud, if nothing else. “I am lion. Hear me roar!” could very well be her real-life mantra. She is unapologetically outspoken and demands to be taken seriously, as she should. She can be the confident captain of the cheerleading team or your own personal cheer squad, depending on her mood and which track on GBMV1 you're listening to.
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Virgo: Diamond

The Crime Mobb alum, also known as Miss 32 Flavors, is known for using trap beats to shade haters. But if you get into her mixtape catalogue, you’ll find her reflecting on her past relationships, including her tumultuous public romance with rapper Lil Scrappy. In other words, she’s a hopeless romantic who likes to reflect on her experiences in love and life — just like Virgos.
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Libra: Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott relies on a hip-hop version of classic charm — Adidas tracksuits and guaranteed bangers — for her longevity in the industry. It reminds me of the Libra tendency to scream, “Look at me! Look at me!” giving off a vibe of arrogant showboater that quickly fades into dope human being. She has an impressive list of musical collaborations with heavy-hitters like Beyoncé and Pharrell, proving that she can get along with just about anybody.
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Scorpio: Nicki Minaj

With passion that can lead to catty pettiness — like Nicki Minaj throwing shots Remy Ma pre-”ShEther” — Scorpios are lively and love trying to throw people off of a trail. Minaj enjoys throwing mixed signals to the press and experimenting with both her sound and look. One thing you’ll never be able to say about her, or Scorpios in general, is that they’re boring.
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Sagittarius: Young MA

Rhyming to the beat of her own drum, Young MA embodies the Sagittarian principle of independence. Not only is she woman in what could very well be a boys only club, she’s a proud lesbian and presents masculine of center. Her music is aggressively straightforward, just like fiery Sagittarius.
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Capricorn: Trina

Practical, calculating, and goal oriented. That’s how I would describe myself as a Capricorn and Trina’s approach to life and courtship in her music. She knows what she brings to the table and has already assessed what value you can bring into her life. She isn’t afraid to let you know, either. This lyric from “Look Back at Me” sums it up perfectly: “You’re looking real scared / I’m a maneater. Headhunter. I’m prepared.
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Aquarius: Kamaiyah

If this were “The Signs as Types of Students on Campus,” Aquarius would be the down-to-earth art kid. Kamaiyah, an industry newcomer, fits that to a T. Her distinct voice sets her apart from her peers, and her personal style borrows from her native Bay area and the ‘90s rapstresses who came before her. With Aquarian-chic in mind, it makes sense then that her single was featured on the soundtrack for Issa Rae’s Insecure.
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Pisces: Lauryn Hill

The astrological elder, given that it is the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces are known for being wise, insightful and creative. This fits Lauryn Hill perfectly. Not only is she one of the greatest emcees to ever grace a mic, she’s a good actress and singer, too. Sure, she’s a little flighty — just like Pisces — but she’s always woke.