The Best Beauty Tips From 10 Of The Most Influential YouTubers

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Remember when you could count on two hands the number of beauty tutorials uploaded to YouTube? Well, those days are long gone. Now, vloggers do more than dole out makeup advice, they also have their own beauty collections, books, podcasts, and huge fan followings. And according to Forbes, there are 10 particular names you should know.
The publication is known for its 30 Under 30 list, and today it introduced its first-ever Top Influencers list, which measured each person's influence by social media reach. Among the standouts within the beauty category? Manny Gutierrez, Wayne Goss, and Huda Kattan — all gurus at this point. “This year, we decided it was time to take a look at folks using social media to earn both fame and, in many cases, multi-million-dollar fortunes," said Clare O’Connor, a staff writer for Women@Forbes who edited the list, of the forthcoming ranking. "We'll continue to track this burgeoning economy, which will evolve as platforms like Snapchat rise in prominence and brand new competitors inevitably emerge."
But these influencers didn't reach the top spot for nothing. Ahead, we put together a compilation of our favorite beauty tips from each of the YouTube stars. Click ahead to check them out for yourself, then let us know in the comments section your favorites.
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#1. Zoe “Zoella” Sugg

Best Beauty Advice: Hydrate your skin during a flight

Planes will dehydrate your skin, says Sugg — and it's so true. So why not take the free time you get during the flight to pamper your face? In this video, Sugg shares her must-have carry-on products, including wet towelettes, some eye cream, and a sheet mask to load up on moisture before you land.
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#2. Kandee Johnson

Best Beauty Advice: Do not pick up your phone before — or during — makeup application

There are a tons of germs and bacteria on your phone (think of all the places you take it all day), so you definitely don't want it to touch your face without cleaning the screen first. While we’ve all been guilty at one point or another, Johnson says this is an error most people tend to make during our beauty routines specifically so you should make it a point to wash your hands after you touch your phone and before you touch your face.
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#3. Michelle Phan

Best Beauty Advice: Liquid liner novice? Reach for felt tip applicators

Phan was one of the first to show us the right way to use liquid eyeliner. Here she demos each iteration you can choose from, noting that a felt tip is best for beginners because it feels more like a marker pen.
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#4. Jeffree Star

Best Beauty Advice: DIY your own "perfect" foundation

Star mentions that his go-to look includes a fuller coverage base, which he achieves by mixing foundation formulas to create his ideal finish. Considering how only a select few brands carry a wide range of shades, it’s also a great way to land on the perfect color match for your skin tone.
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#5. Huda Kattan

Best Beauty Advice: Proceed with caution when it comes to lip filler

The video covers how Kattan plumps her lips without fillers, but she preludes the tutorial with an important message to viewers who are considering the in-office procedure: go to the right professional. Without the right pro by your side, Kattan says your lips could very well end up on the "ducky" side of spectrum.
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#6. Manny Gutierrez

Best Beauty Advice: Use a matte foundation or concealer directly on your T-zone

Gutierrez's tip on using a full-coverage foundation without creating a cake-y effect? Focus most of the pigment on your problem areas, like your T-zone (where most of the oil accumulates throughout the day). Then, spot treat your face with different formulas based on your concern. He also adds that your skin will never, ever look like a mask of foundation as long as your moisturizer and prime with a silicone-based formula beforehand. The more you know.
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#7. Nikkie de Jager

Best Beauty Advice: Fuck the beauty rules

Last year, there was a string of videos emerging on YouTube all about the power of makeup, the premise being that you don't have to feel ashamed if you love wearing cosmetics. If you want to wear a glam makeup look, you do you.
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#8. Shannon Harris

Best Beauty Advice: Shave your face as a way to exfoliate

While most of Harris' videos are about first impressions of a brand-new product, the vlogger also shared a helpful skin-care tip: dermaplaning. While we know the treatment as a popular facial salon service, Harris explains that you can also get the same effect by shaving away the dead skin cells with a gentle razor — for a hell of a lot cheaper.
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#9. Christen Dominique

Best Beauty Advice: Try a foundation stick when you're in a rush

When it comes to doing makeup on-the-go, foundation sticks double as concealer and a base. They'll easily glide across your face and fit right under your eyes to eliminate any undereye bags.
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Wayne Goss

Best Beauty Advice: Create the perfect eyeliner look — with an eyelash curler

This tip is nothing short of brilliant, all it takes is a steady hand and a little practice. Just take a kohl eyeliner, then draw a line along the entire curve of the top of the eyelash curler, says Goss. When you then curl your lashes close to the base of the lash line, you’ll be pressing the pigment onto the skin so that when you release, you’ll be left with a smoky line on your upper lids.
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