Lingering Questions From Power Rangers We Need Answered

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Power Rangers is earning rave reviews, and rightly so. You needn't be a fan of the original to appreciate this story about five teens who join forces to save their town from the deliciously sinister Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) and her 24k goon, Goldar. The sci-fi superhero flick's message of inclusivity is a sign of progress for the genre. Blue Ranger Billy (RJ Cyler) is open about his autism, Yellow Ranger Trini (Becky G) questions her sexuality, and everyone but Red Ranger Jason is a person of color. It's easy to relate to the displays of teenage angst, while still getting sucked into intense action sequences. And did we mention Bryan Cranston and Bill hater are in it?
We just have a few minor quibbles and comments. It should go without saying that if you haven't already watched the movie, you should stop reading now. Spoilers, and some burning questions, are ahead.
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Did Rita Repulsa remind anyone else of Donald Trump?

Elizabeth Banks' villainous Rita Repulsa is a literal gold-digger, ransacking jewelry stores and terrorizing anyone seen sporting a gold filling. She needs the metal to resurrect her super-sized playmate Goldar, which makes us wonder if gold curtain enthusiast POTUS has something similar in the works. Stay vigilant.
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What's up with Jason's ankle monitor?

We see Billy use his mad genius skills to hack into Jason's (Dacre Montgomery) ankle monitor so he can stay out after curfew, but it's never addressed again. How did that bulky thing fit underneath his slim-fit Rangers costume? Didn't all that water screw it up? Like, none of that set it off?
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Why is Kimberly such a mean girl?

We're initially led to believe that Kimberly (Naomi Scott) is being bullied by her former cheerleading pals. The newly minted Pink Ranger later confesses that she's the mean girl. Turns out her friends cut her out after she sent an intimate photo of one of them to her ex. Kimberly claims to regret acting like a total POS, but does she really? During the film's big showdown, the cheerleaders are seen dodging debris and hopping into their destroyed car. Kimberly reacts by gloating that it serves them right. What? You're the a-hole here, girl.
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Why weren't the townspeople warned?

Rita Repulsa gave the Rangers a pretty big heads up that she was planning an attack on Angel Grove. The gang rush off to slip into their Zords before coming back to see their town in shambles and their loved ones (or Jason's dad, anyway) in grave danger. Next time it might be courteous to send your cute kid brothers or bed-ridden mother a text suggesting they seek refuge or go visit Grandma for a couple of days.
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How much did Krispy Kreme pay for that product placement?

Angel Grove isn't just a seaside town and a mining community (with, presumably, scenic groves to boot); it's also got a hella-big Krispy Kreme that's housing the Zeo Crystal. Lest you forget, Billy (RJ Cyler) was there to utter the words "Krispy Kreme" every few minutes, while even Rita Repulsa stopped attacking the town long enough to sample a glazed treat.
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How much of that Krispy Kreme money should go to John Hughes' estate?

Stop us if this sounds familiar: A jock with Daddy issues, a lovable nerd, and a snotty prom queen meet in detention, then band together with a couple of edgy outcasts. They sit in a circle and confess their crimes (the humiliation of a classmate, the destruction of a school project stashed in a locker) before questioning if they're really friends, or just making the most of an awkward situation. The Breakfast Club wants its plot back, dudes. We'd also kick some royalties over to the Duffer Brothers for the Stranger Things-y theme that plays throughout, but those guys don't have much of a leg to stand on when it comes to recycling old film references.