These Beauty Brands Are Taking Major Inspiration From Street Art

Remember that noise you heard yesterday after Urban Decay announced that it was launching a full collection inspired by the work of game-changing graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat? That was the sound of millions of people putting two and two together. Think of it this way: A brand named Urban Decay decides to pay tribute to someone who defined street art and changed the face of New York City as we know it. It makes perfect sense.
But UD isn’t the first company to find inspiration in tagged brick walls and massive murals hidden down unassuming streets. From the drugstore to the atelier of one of the most revered fragrance houses in the world, street art has officially hit the mainstream, particularly when it comes to beauty. In fact, Urban Decay isn’t even the only one doing it right now: Yves Saint Laurent and Jin Soon, Bond No. 9 and Maybelline — they’ve all got one thing in common, and it’s a love for art that uses city as canvas.
Check out the coolest brands that have worn their taste in art on their packaging, ahead…
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Urban Decay

If art-world icon and social revolutionary Jean-Michel Basquiat seems like an unlikely inspiration for the brand that brought us the preferred palette of basic bitches everywhere, think again. Basquiat, who died of a heroin overdose in 1988, was known for his provocative cultural and political statements as much as for his colorful figurative style, and those two worlds often overlapped — a perfect fit for Urban Decay, which earned its name specializing in cutting-edge cool. Given that Basquiat’s work sells for millions of dollars, $165 for the 9-piece vault is quite the steal.
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Jin Soon

The cult-favorite nail polish brand teamed up with contemporary street artist and abstract painter Chris Riggs for its spring lineup, which consists of nail décor and four polishes — Grace, Hope, Love, and Peace — named for the words and messages frequently found in Riggs’s art. If you’re not quite up to the task of creating mural-worthy nail art yourself, spring for the appliques (a first for Jin Soon). They’re made of real nail polish, not stickers, so you can stretch them gently for the perfect fit.
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Yves Saint Laurent

This spring, the classic French brand has swapped out its signature luxe gold packaging for The Street and I. The seasonal collection features two standouts — anorange-coral blush and afive-shade shadow palette — embossed with bold brick-wall designs inspired by street art.
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Designed by JonOne, a Paris-based street artist by way of New York, this trio of fragrance bottles is absolutely spectacular — and, at something like $11,000, priced to match. The good news is that each one of the numbered, limited-edition pieces contains a full liter of perfume, so… you get what you pay for. (Or something like that.)
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Bond No.9

Let’s choose to overlook the fact that using graffiti to depict the entirety of Brooklyn seems like the work of someone to whom “Brooklyn” means “hip, up-and-coming Williamsburg,” rather than a lively, culturally rich borough of 2.6 million people. Brooklyn, the fragrance, doesn’t just come in an insanely cool bottle — it’s also a spicy, sexy unisex scent that’s blessedly absent of any residual notes of spray paint.
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It may not be packaged as compellingly as some of the more obviously graffiti-inspired products on this list, but Maybelline’s Graffiti Nudes palette features 12 shades borrowed from the eye-catching colors you’ll find on brick walls in cities everywhere — and some complementary neutrals for good measure.
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Throughout its 30-year history, MAC has always been on top of the latest trends — so it’s no surprise that the brand has paid homage to street art on more than one occasion. Earlier collaborations have gone the way of the dinosaur (or, ahem, eBay), but you can still snag its iconic platter-painted makeup bag for yourself.
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